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Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Our Cyber Security Advisory Services offer a holistic approach to the design, build and implementation of cybersecurity programs, focusing on people, processes and technology. This spans enterprise security technology implementation services, cybersecurity maturity assessment (CSMA) and cybersecurity program delivery.

Secure Consultation From Trusted Experts

When it comes to something as crucial as cybersecurity, ensuring businesses have the very latest insight and advice is paramount. As a trusted advisor, we maintain a vendor agnostic approach and support our clients with the selection and implementation of their required cyber security products, by assisting with the selection, build, and documentation of solutions.

Our CSMA is tailored to align with our client’s goals, industry, and maturity level. By using various control frameworks, we evaluate the organization’s readiness to prevent, detect, contain and respond to threats. We also help our clients identify and design the core competencies necessary for a robust security program that aligns with their business objectives.

Co-Creating Custom Solutions For Your Business To Drive Digital Innovation From End-to-End

Enterprise Security Technology Implementation Services

Defend your enterprise environment by protecting assets, process data, user endpoints, cloud resources, and computing infrastructure with our security technology implementation services.

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Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment

We validate the maturity of your organization’s technical security controls, determining how well they protect critical assets and providing a detailed strategy for improvement.

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Advanced Risk Assessment

Our services provide an advanced risk assessment framework that digitizes the complete risk management life cycle including risk identification, analysis, hazard controls, and monitoring.

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Security By Design

Extending the Security by Design principle–that security should be built into a product by design—we evaluate product design to find opportunities to implement secure architecture.

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