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Cybersecurity Solutions

Cyber Defense Services

Our Cyber Defense Services enable businesses to reduce and contain the impact of a confirmed security incident, identify the threats that represent the greatest risk to their organization and ensure they can proactively identify vulnerabilities within their systems through penetration testing and ethical hacking.

Tackling The Threat

Our ethical hacking and Penetration Testing services support our customers to pinpoint vulnerabilities and exploitation paths within IT infrastructures while covering compliance requirements on regular critical systems testing. Deep and Dark Web monitoring for brand protection, credentials, and other assets compromise as well as phishing websites detection and takedown managed services. The potential harm of a cyber attack can’t be overstated. Our Cyber Defense Services have been designed with this in mind, offering both emergency incident response assistance – for organizations in need of immediate support – as well as pre-negotiated services. This service also ensures you can enhance your threat detection capabilities by proactively determining which threats represent the greatest risks to your organization.

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Incident Response & Threat Hunting

Our team of cybersecurity experts orchestrate a unified, enterprise-wide incident response strategy and manage steps to identity cyber-attack sources, ensuring swift resolution.

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Threat Intelligence

Stefanini experts identify and analyze potential cyber threats that have or will target your organization, collecting data to understand tactics and close vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

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Brand Monitoring

Protect customers and avoid damage to your brand by taking proactive steps to monitor potential threats to company websites, external facing assets, and current reputation.

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Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking

Per a prearranged agreement, our cybersecurity experts act as hackers and attempt to exploit existing IT infrastructure weaknesses, providing a detailed review of discovered vulnerabilities.

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