Stefanini's Acquisition of Boosting Market and Turnover in Italy, Accelerating European Growth - Stefanini

Stefanini's Acquisition Of Boosting Market And Turnover In Italy, Accelerating European Growth

Stefanini and are actively engaged in the integration process, aiming to reinforce the presence of the Brazilian Group in Italy and expedite its European expansion. The acquisition of, a renowned Italian company in the IT sector, completed about three months ago, is already yielding positive results in terms of turnover and new workforce. This highlights the strong alignment of values and market approaches between the two entities.

Founded in 2003 in Turin by Giuseppe Arietti, specializes in IT consultancy, application development, and management services, primarily catering to large customers across various sectors. Over the years, has enhanced its capabilities through strategic acquisitions, including Arxis, a company specializing in SAP technology services, and others. With a diverse client portfolio spanning automotive, engineering, financial services, and the public sector, has emerged as a key player in the Italian IT landscape.

Farlei Kothe, CEO of Stefanini EMEA, declared, “This acquisition is a strategic move to improve and strengthen our offering in Italy, bolster Stefanini’s position in Europe, and accelerate its growth in the market. The partnership with demonstrates Stefanini’s commitment to establishing itself as a cutting-edge technology solutions provider in Italy.”

With over 200 employees throughout Italy and offices in Turin, Milan, and Bologna, the integration of into the Stefanini Group is underway and will significantly boost the Italian workforce to a total of 300 employees.

The transition and integration between the two companies are expected to be completed this year. This union is expected to drive substantial market and turnover growth for Stefanini Italy, leveraging the impactful portfolio. The portfolio comprises five key companies in the automotive sector, a major Italian bank, a notable player in the coffee industry, and two well-known pharmaceutical companies.

Giuseppe Arietti, CEO/Founder/Co-founder of, expressed, “It was a strong and natural collaboration that brought the two companies together. From this, a beneficial agreement was born for both parties. Our attention to modern technological solutions and expertise, especially in manufacturing, automotive, transport, and finance, convinced the Stefanini Group to invest in Italy and form this partnership with”

Marco Stefanini, global CEO and founder of Stefanini Group, stated, “ is our first acquisition in Italy, and we are confident that this transaction will significantly enhance our growth efforts in Italy, Europe, and EMEA. We are already witnessing positive results after just a few months. We are committed to offering new services tailored to our customers through continuous internal development and staying abreast of innovations in the industry.”

The acquisition will lead to the seamless integration of into Stefanini’s activities in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), coordinated from the headquarters located in Brussels.

The ongoing transition process is being conducted with the utmost attention to ensure the well-being of both employees and customers. The founders and current managers will actively participate in the company to assist Stefanini Italia in achieving an efficient integration, aligning the company’s objectives with the Stefanini Group’s vision for the future.

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