Stefanini's Mentoring Platform Wins L&D Initiative of the Year at Romanian Business Services Forum & Awards Gala 2024 - Stefanini

Stefanini's Mentoring Platform Wins L&D Initiative Of The Year At Romanian Business Services Forum & Awards Gala 2024

Stefanini’s Mentoring platform revolutionizes employee development by seamlessly connecting employees with mentors across the organization. This innovative platform transcends geographical boundaries and departmental silos, fostering a culture of learning and collaboration. With over 14,000 mentoring sessions conducted since its launch, the platform has directly enhanced employee skill development, career progression opportunities, and job satisfaction.

Client’s Feedback

The Stefanini Mentoring platform has received a lot of praise, from internal clients, with employees praising its ease of use and transformative impact on their professional growth journeys. Approximately 50% of sessions focus on career development, 20% on leadership skills, and another 20% on technological competencies. Employee testimonials and feedback consistently rate their experiences with top scores, validating the platform’s success in driving positive change and delivering measurable results.

Innovativeness of the Project

The core innovation of the Stefanini Mentoring platform lies in its ability to seamlessly connect employees with mentors and facilitate meaningful mentorship experiences. This approach has positioned Stefanini as a leader in employee development and a pioneer in leveraging technology for talent growth within the industry. Moving forward, similar platforms can benefit the Business Services Sector by driving employee engagement and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

Team and Key Figures

Stefanini’s success is fueled by a team of over 1400 professionals, fostering remarkable revenue growth of 40% in 2023. With a 5% increase in staff, the organization’s commitment to talent development shines. Alexia Gusa, the Learning and Development Manager EMEA, has been pivotal in driving this initiative, demonstrating visionary leadership and a dedication to employee empowerment, cementing Stefanini’s position as an industry leader in learning initiatives.

Join us as we celebrate the remarkable progress in the business services sector and honor the crucial role of agile leadership in effectively navigating today’s complex business environment. For more information about the event, visit

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