Meet our Center of AI Excellence: Created in the US to Drive AI Solutions

Meet Our Center Of AI Excellence: Created In The US To Drive AI Solutions Around The World

We are proud to announce today the creation of its Center of AI Excellence at the company’s North America/Asia Pacific (NA/APAC) headquarters in Southfield, Mich.

The new initiative dedicated to AI solutions will allow the group to innovate and create best-in-class AI tools that will promote productivity internally and meet clients’ needs across the company’s global portfolio.

“As AI tools have become ingrained in every part of our business, we’ve seen the need for a  dedicated team for researching, testing and implementing AI solutions, Our team will focus on cutting-edge AI research as a whole, not just generative AI, creating practical applications of services and solutions designed for every industry and allowing our clients to reap the rewards.”

said Fabio Caversan, vice president of digital business and innovation at Stefanini.

Stefanini’s new Center for AI Excellence will also serve as a space to brainstorm and educate Stefanini’s partners, customers, employees and the community around AI. With the Southfield office already leading the way globally for the company’s AI solutions, it was a natural fit for the new initiative.

Stefanini, which has been working with AI for more than 13 years, has invested heavily in AI as a force to augment human productivity, automate repetitive tasks and free up employees for more creative work.

Stefanini’s Southfield office has 30 team members dedicated specifically to AI solutions, and 400 Stefanini employees are dedicated solely to developing AI solutions across the globe.

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