Stefanini Shares Insights On “The Agile Leading Role In Navigating Disruptive Trends” At Romanian Business Services Forum & Awards - Stefanini

Stefanini Shares Insights On “The Agile Leading Role In Navigating Disruptive Trends” At Romanian Business Services Forum & Awards

Embracing Change in Challenging Times

In the current global economic climate, business services providers and their clients exhibit a cautious approach towards spending and investing in new, radical ideas. Despite this caution, there is an undeniable emergence of innovation, creativity, and investment in technological and societal trends that are too significant to overlook. Today’s business trends are heavily influenced by technology, with AI taking center stage as companies continuously reposition and adjust to changing conditions.

The Role of Agile Leadership

Insights on navigating disruptive trends with agile leadership will be a key focus at the event. The discussions will shed light on the importance of adaptability and strategic foresight in maintaining a competitive edge.

Celebrating Industry Achievements

The Romanian Business Services Forum & Awards aims to highlight the latest developments and achievements in the business services industry in Romania. The event’s focus on constant transformation underscores the need for companies to excel in delivering high-level services and evolving from operational execution to expert business acumen.

Reflecting on Last Year’s Success

Last year, Stefanini was honored with significant accolades at the Romanian Business Services Forum & Awards 2023 for its outstanding contributions to the Romanian outsourcing sector. Under strong leadership, Stefanini EMEA has achieved remarkable business growth, set new benchmarks in customer satisfaction, and fostered a culture of innovation and employee engagement. Read more here.

Stefanini’s significant win in partnership with Covestro at the Romanian Business Service Awards further underscores their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By securing the top prize in the Best Customer-Centric Initiative of the Year category, Stefanini’s collaboration with Covestro showcases their dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and setting new standards for customer service excellence through strategic collaboration and advanced technology integration. Read more here.

Join us as we acknowledge the advancements in the business services sector and highlight the pivotal role of agile leadership in navigating today’s complex business environment. For more information about the event, visit

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