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Embracing Growth And Collaboration: Insights From Stefanini’s Local Operations

In a recent conversation with Alexandru Constantinescu and Richard Wood, two team members of Stefanini’s dynamic Local Operations division in UK, we gained a unique perspective on the company’s supportive environment and the teamwork culture.

Alexandru’s story is one of steady progression and increasing responsibility. Starting in 2011 in Bucharest, his job roles evolved as he demonstrated capability and reliability. “The story became a lot more than I imagined it would be” he remarked. His journey from Service Desk Agent to Senior Technician and then to Team Leader is a testament to the company’s recognition of potential and the willingness to provide opportunities for growth. His experience spans different locations and responsibilities, highlighting the diversity of job opportunities available. “I’ve worked on various accounts and even spent time in the UK, which was an experience in itself,” he added.

Richard, Deskside Technician, has started his Stefanini journey more than 1 year ago. With a background in regulatory compliance and a passion for IT, Richard found his previous job experience beneficial: “I’m catching up with colleagues and learning Industry standards, because of previous experiences this is made easier.” His interest in IT began early, building his own computers from the age of 16. This passion guided his career choices, leading him to seek opportunities within the company. “I’ve always had an interest in IT, and it’s fascinating to see how what you do at home differs from the corporate level,” he shared. Despite initial uncertainties, he emphasized the importance of perseverance. “On your first couple of days, you might feel out of your depth. It’s a lot to take in, but you’ve got to take a step forward and go. Stop thinking, just do it,” he advised.

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A Culture of Openness and Support

Richard and Alex’s experiences highlight a culture that values encouragement and support. Richard, for instance, sought career progression actively and found encouragement from colleagues. “I was wanting to progress my career, and I asked Alex if there were any jobs going. A month later, he reached out to me,” Richard recalled. His advice to newcomers is to maintain an open mind and embrace challenges. “You need to take a chance and have confidence in yourself. That one step can lead to an entire career,” he emphasized.

Alex echoed this sentiment, underscoring the importance of faith in oneself and the supportive environment. Alex’s leadership style is influenced by the values he has experienced at the company. “I’m not trying to do anything differently than what I’ve been used to having as a day-to-day employee,” he said. His focus on understanding, teamwork, and communication has created a relaxed and happy workplace, despite the challenges. The supportive team atmosphere ensures that everyone feels safe to share opinions and knows that their input matters.

Commitment to Training and Development

When talking about growth, both Alex and Richard emphasized the importance of training towards development. Alex praised the Stefanini approach around training, particularly for new managers. “It teaches you exactly what we felt was done within the whole environment, and that’s very important,” he noted. This focus on continuous learning ensures that employees are well-prepared to take on new challenges and grow within their job roles.

Richard’s enthusiasm for learning and the opportunities available for growth are evident as he looks to the future, emphasizing the collective effort in achieving success. “Everyone’s got an input on what is the best course of action and how to get there as a team, which is a good way of doing stuff,” he noted.

About Local Operations 

Stefanini’s Local Operations division thrives within an international mindset of growth and opportunity. This division operates at the intersection of location and innovation, managing services where the teams work on the front lines, directly at client sites with the Stefanini knowledge and support by their side. The division stretches across many countries, touching base in locations as diverse as Belgium, Germany, Romania, The Netherlands, the UK, France, Italy and more. Here, professionals are invited to challenge the constraints of traditional career paths, embrace new challenges, connect across borders, and make a meaningful impact on Stefanini’s global footprint.

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