Stefanini Group Partners With Suffolk University Sawyer Business School For Case Study With Logbank - Stefanini

Stefanini Group Partners With Suffolk University Sawyer Business School For Case Study With Logbank

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Feb. 7, 2022  – Stefanini Group, a global technology company specializing in digital solutions, announced today it partnered with Suffolk University, in Boston for a case study on LogBank, a Stefanini Group company.With a commitment to partnering with academic institutions, Stefanini Group engaged students at Suffolk University to evaluate solutions, services and opportunities for growth for LogBank.

The partnership encouraged students to develop academic works focused on international institutions interested in this partnership model. Achieving the goal of the partnership, students were able to put their knowledge into practice and present scenarios, diagnoses, solutions and insights for the evaluated business models.

LogBank was analyzed by four student groups, which gathered information about solutions, market potential and the possibility of internationalization in the medium and long term. Students researched the fintech market in the United States, regulatory and tariff issues in the states of Arizona, Florida, Georgia and Michigan, indicating where rates would be most affordable, along with advantages and disadvantages in each region.

The partnership with the academic world is something that permeates the history of Stefanini Group for some years. In addition to several Brazilian institutions, the multinational joined Insead in 2018 and 2019 to offer the Leadership Transformation Program, which brought together C-Level executives for five days in Fontainebleau, France, to discuss mindset change and skills development needed to keep up with industry disruptions, inspire teams and engage them in the digital transformation process.

According to Cyrille VerdierCOO of Logbank, the initiative reinforces Stefanini Group’s position of investing in a robust innovation ecosystem, which includes startups, customers, partners and Universities. “Stefanini Group’s strong presence in the United States has helped us in this proximity to Suffolk University. For us, it is very important to have feedback from students under the supervision of renowned professors from a great business school, such as Prof. Mark Lehrer. They provided new perspectives on our offerings, with tips and guidelines that can guide differentiated growth strategies in other countries.” “It was a true work of co-creation, where students could play the role of consultants with LogBank executives”, adds Luiz Gustavo Dutra, CEO of LogBank.

For Prof. Mark Lehrer, who coordinated the project, it’s necessary to show students what the real corporate world is like. That’s why the work carried out with Logbank and other institutions each summer is so valuable for postgraduate students’ learning. “It is stories like yours that we like to tell current and future students to reinforce the importance of combining theoretical and practical knowledge.”

Open platform

Logbank, which operates 100% in the B2B market, provides a platform specialized in means of payment and financial arrangements in the White Label model, that is, with the customer’s brand, completely adaptable to the web and smartphones. Logbank also offers personalized onboarding (account opening) trails that meet specific registration needs – optical character recognition (OCR) document reading, proof of life with challenges, proof of residency upload, approval, account access and registration in the acquisition.

Additionally, it provides strategic support for projects and develops customizations for different verticals, such as retail, industry, distribution, health, telecommunications, among others. In practice, the client enters the relationship and business network already established, while LogBank develops and operates the entire digital banking and acquiring platform, generating value for the company and its end users, following all the premises related to the General Law of Data Protection (LGPD).

About LogBank

LogBank is a financial solutions company that operates with a White Label model for Payment Servicer Provider solutions, offering payment arrangements, digital account and credit and debit card machines focused on the Middle Market, complementing the group’s portfolio of solutions in the area of ​​digital financial services and CX.

About Stefanini Group

Stefanini Group is a global technology company with a presence in 41 countries with more than 34 years of experience in the market, co-creating with clients to build winning, living businesses through digital transformation. Founded in Brazil in 1987, Stefanini has since acquired 30 companies to reinforce its digital expertise and skill sets resulting in Stefanini Ventures — industry verticals that reinforce savvy in technology, banking, manufacturing, marketing, cybersecurity and analytics & artificial intelligence industry verticals. With a flexible, agile and co-entrepreneurial spirit, Stefanini is broadly recognized as a digital expert, with recognition in more than 85 reports by Forrester, Gartner, ISG and Everest Group.

About Stefanini North America

Stefanini’s North American headquarters was founded in 2001 in metropolitan Detroit. With three large acquisitions, Stefanini’s traditional strength in application outsourcing and software development was combined with expertise in service desk and business process outsourcing (BPO). Rooted in a purpose to orchestrate relationships between business, technology and people, Stefanini serves clients with solutions in artificial intelligence, automation, agile squads, application services, analytics, cloud services, workplace & infrastructure, enterprise services, digital marketing, cybersecurity and banking bundles. Stefanini North America has been designated as a 2020 and 2021 Detroit Free Press Top Workplacebased on employee feedback about their employer, the company, work-life balance and more.

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