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Staffing Services: The Right People, At The Right Time, With The Right Skills

As our digital capabilities become ever more sophisticated, organisations of every size and in every industry are turning to technology for opportunities to become more productive, efficient and economical.

Instead of maintaining an expensive server, for example, IT departments are moving their operations to the cloud. Likewise, with mobile phones accounting for more than half (52%) of web traffic in 2018, many businesses are developing apps in order to reach their customers. However they are choosing to embrace the digital revolution, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a company that isn’t, in some way, reliant on technology.

But digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Skilled individuals are required, and with technology so rapidly developing, it can be difficult to know if you are bringing the right people into your organisation. That’s where we come in.

Our staffing services

Whether your business requires temporary employees to execute short-term jobs, or long-term staff to tackle a steady pipeline of projects, our staffing services provide the right people, at the right time, with the right set of skills.

We provide staff for businesses in every corner of the globe, ranging in specialisms from application development to cloud architecture and service desk management. From sourcing, screening and assessing candidates’ abilities, to preparing them for onboarding and assignment, we have the connections to provide your business with the skills it needs.

Our process

Once we have a received a brief from our client, there are various strategies that our staffing teams use to source candidates. Social media plays a key role in the process, and we advertise vacancies extensively on social media and job boards.

When we have built a pipeline of potential candidates, we conduct interviews and test their skills, before selecting the candidates that best fit our needs and preparing them to begin their assignments. The process doesn’t end there, though. Even after the candidate has been placed, we will assign a mentor to support our colleagues and help them deliver good quality results, and will keep in touch with the client to ensure their continued satisfaction.

A global solution

With over 7,000 staffing employees worldwide, our global presence allows us to reach a vast number of potential candidates. We operate six talent recruitment centres, which are strategically located around the globe, allowing us to find and recruit IT resources virtually anywhere in the world.

However, while the process of sourcing a candidate is broadly the same for all of our teams, each region will have its own specific challenges. Our European clients, for example, require us to deal with a greater number of languages than those in the US. Our EMEA staffing team often has to approach and organise interviews with candidates in various different languages, whereas the majority of those that our team in the US works with speak English.

The EMEA team also has logistical considerations to be mindful of. A candidate based in New York, for example, could relocate nearly 3,000 miles to San Francisco without ever leaving the country. In Europe, however, a French candidate who is relocating to Spain or Italy will need to complete all of the administration that comes with moving from one country to another. While we are equipped to assist with these requirements, it adds another layer to the process which many of the other regions don’t have to contend with.

Our teams also have to be mindful that there are demands for different skills in each region. In Europe, for example, we are seeing particular demand for app development and helpdesk specialists, as well as project managers. Europe is rife with digital skills, and our local staffing team has seen massive growth since it was formed 2012.

We’re here for you

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your business has the right people, with the right skills, at the right time. That’s why we provide a worldwide solution, offering a global pool of potential talent, as well as support with training and relocating candidates, where required.

Should we source a candidate in Brazil, for example, who possesses the skills required to fill a long-term role in Portugal, we can assist with visa applications and arranging accommodation, to ease the transition. Likewise, should a client require a role to be filled immediately, and we source a candidate who has most of the skills required to fill the role, we can provide the necessary training to quickly bring them up to speed and set them to work.

We understand that in the modern workplace, finding, recruiting and training staff requires a significant investment in terms of both time and resource. Our staffing services are here to ease this process for you; ensuring that you have the people and the skills you need, whenever you need them.

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