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How SMB:s Can Be As Efficient As Large Chains – On A Budget!

New digital solutions enable small and medium-sized businesses in the retail sector to increase their competitiveness against larger actors. 

We have solutions that are both affordable and easy to use. It’s just a matter of daring to try, says Iris Gologan, Practice Leader EMEA at Stefanini. 

Large store chains can leverage economies of scale compared to smaller businesses and a greater opportunity to introduce solutions that increase efficiency, such as self-checkout, digital self-service and e-commerce platforms with Click & Collect. 

Great efficiency gains are also achieved with better inventory management, easier access to centralized reporting and a smart loyalty program. 

Here, Stefanini has a broad portfolio of solutions. They can be purchased individually or as fully integrated packages, depending on what is desired. 

Stefanini increases efficiency 

An example is a good and easy-to-use IMS, Inventory Management System. 

– With the help of AI, our IMS can predict how goods should be moved between warehouses and stores in order to get faster and safer delivery to customers, says Iris Gologan. 

Other digital solutions suitable for coffee shops, for example, allow customers to order and pay online shortly before they pick up their goods themselves. This avoids queues and overcrowding in the cafe, while keeping the loyalty program updated completely digitally instead of using paper cards with manual stamps. It frees up resources. 

– You don’t have to be a multinational company to be able to afford these solutions. We have something for everyone, concludes Iris Gologan. 

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