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Exponential Intelligence To Transform Organizations And The Business World

Exponential intelligence is associated with data interpretation that goes far beyond human capacity, using a range of technologies, such as analytics, big data, artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning and so many others that advance at an impressive speed, with companies learning continuously, rethinking their processes with agility and creating solutions that make the consumer the protagonist of the business.

A company that does not adapt to this new world—more agile, volatile and uncertain—runs the risk of being left behind in this new revolution marked by disruptive ideas, which arise more and more from the collaboration between employees, between big companies and startups, between universities and corporations. All new technologies allow institutions to understand the client’s journey—corporate or end user—and anticipate needs and trends.

When a company quickly offers a solution that can be a market benchmark, it is acting with exponential intelligence as well as using creativity to think of products and services that exceed expectations and move beyond current standards. To take advantage of this time of great opportunities—during and after digital transformation—we need to invest in technologies that can allow exponential growth, considered a decisive factor in maintaining a company in the market leadership.

In ten years, the estimate is that 40% of the corporations currently listed in the Fortune 500 index will cease to exist. According to Salim Ismail, Yuri Van Geest and Michael Malone, authors of the book Exponential Organizations, this scenario is a direct result of a kind of internal “immune system,” which seeks to eradicate all innovative ideas before they can be consolidated.

Salim et al. point out that many companies are satisfied with what works and therefore fail to innovate. The survival of a company depends on its ability to stay ahead of the technology curve and embrace the changes in order to stay competitive in the face of competition. No company can keep pace with growth defined by the exponential organizations if they are not willing to do something radically new—a new vision of the organization that is so technologically smart, adaptable and comprehensive as the new world which will operate—and at the end of everything, transform.

The book clearly shows how innovation emerges through the Massive Transformative Purpose (MTO) concept and brings about unexpected changes in various sectors of society, whether it is creating a new business or changing behavior.

The authors have studied the standards of the world’s most important exponents in the last six years, such as Waze, Tesla, Airbnb, Uber, Xiaomi, Netflix, Valve, Google (Ventures), GitHub, Quirky and 60 other companies including successful ones such as GE, Haier, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Citibank and ING Bank. They also interviewed more than 70 global leaders and thinkers to bring a broad new vision of key organizational and technological trends that can be applied to startups, midsize companies, and large organizations.

Among the many learnings shared by the author, we realize that the focus on digital transformation and the purpose of becoming exponential lies in the development of an ecosystem of innovation. To stay ahead, you have to interact, consider new ideas, encourage new knowledge and co-create. This does not mean to despise what is being done, but to value what can still become the great differential of your company and put it on the plate of the new exponential companies of the planet.

(*) Marco Stefanini is the founder and global CEO of Stefanini, considered the fifth most internationalized company by the Dom Cabral Foundation Ranking 2017.

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