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Digitally Transforming The Banking Market With Agile Solutions

Stefanini presented its portfolio of banking solutions at CIAB’s largest technology event in the financial sector, held June 12-14 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Aligned with the new needs of the digital market, complete solutions for core banking, modern ATMs and artificial intelligence help in the search for information and ask questions. Differentiated experiences of a financial operation through virtual reality were highlighted in an integrated way and in a safe environment, based on the latest technology in the cyber defense area.

Sophie, Stefanini’s cognitive intelligence platform, was showcased in an integrated way with the solutions that enable the client to perform all the steps of banking management. With these offers together, the client can check balances, extract, transfer between accounts and make payments through social media.

During the event, a robot trained with the Sophie platform interacted with people. The visitor could get the smart robot’s connection in a few seconds. In the same line of cognitive intelligence, visitors were able to get to know AIXA, an artificial intelligence tool implemented at Caixa Econômica Federal—one of the largest banks in Latin America. The solution benefits 150,000 users via the bank’s internal self-service portal or Skype for Business, solving internal issues, queries and hundreds of other transactions.

Trends in Digital Banking

Demonstrating awareness of the evolution of open banking, Stefanini presented a solution for managing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). With this business model, banks can open their own digital platforms, thus allowing third-party applications—fintechs—to offer services to account holders integrated with the financial institution.

“In a more collaborative world, technology is an alliance with business challenges. Only in one co-creation exercise can we use it to achieve greater results. Digital transformation opens doors to a collaborative and inspiring world,” said Marco Stefanini, founder and global CEO of Stefanini.

The company also brought to CIAB its multichannel service platform for insurance. The solution, which uses artificial intelligence, is able to obtain policy data, vehicle accident records, and status monitoring.

Specializing in security, Stefanini Rafael has demonstrated its advanced intelligence and cyber defense solutions. At the booth, the visitor could check simulations of possible attacks and receive information on how to act in a preventive manner. The idea was to provide the experience of a Command and Control Center, known as Advanced SOC (Security Operation Center), which acts as the “brain” of security.

Through an experience with virtual reality glasses (VR), Stefanini demonstrated its methodology of design thinking, taking the user/client to the navigation environment and deepening the subjects that can be solved with the Dive solution.

The offer is an immersive five-day approach in which the company and customer teams work collaboratively with design thinking, sprint design and lean startup methodologies from problem design to delivery of a developed, legitimate solution model. The focus is to present a digital solution, targeting the results of the customer’s business, and ensuring better experiences for their end customers.

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