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A Year Of Growth And Discovery: Through The Lenses Of Karin De Man And László Olasz

As the curtains draw on 2023, a year filled with challenges and learning opportunities, our Stefanini Ambassadors share insights into their personal and professional development. Through the lenses of Karin, Sr. Business Development Manager, and László, DWP Jr. Software Engineer, we witness a journey marked by resilience, learning and the courage to step beyond comfort zones.

As they reflect on the transformative power of 2023, we can’t help but feel and relate to the lesson that echo through our organization – unexpected magic happens when you dare to step beyond your comfort zones. Building friendships and finding like-minded colleagues at Stefanini created an environment where work felt like creative play.

Embracing a mentoring role, Karin found mutual enrichment in sharing experiences, contributing not only to her own growth but also to the development of the next generation of professionals. For Karin, 2023 was a blend of learning experiences, in which she discovered the power of empathy and resilience, guiding her through challenges and fostering a deeper connection with her colleagues.

“The skills and attitudes developed this year have not only improved my professional abilities but also enabled me to significantly contribute to the development of others, an aspect I deeply cherish in my career.”

László’s narrative takes us on a structured yet dynamic journey of goal setting and achievement. In the face of a demanding dual role as a food photographer and a software engineer, László mastered the art of balancing priorities in 2023. From cloud development to public speaking and YouTube content creation, László’s journey was also marked by meaningful connections and his gratitude for the ups and downs of the year.

“This year of 2023, was the year of deep waters, of comfort zone elimination. I’ve learned that I can do even the things that I am not prepared to do, by STARTING.”

As we step into the next year, the wisdom gathered from 2023 becomes a compass, guiding us towards new horizons of innovation, growth and fulfillment.

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