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ChatGPT: 95% Of Consumers Use It At Least Once A Week, Reveals Ecglobal Study

Company outlines usage profile and identifies how brands can benefit from Artificial Intelligence based on natural language processing

With the advance of discussions on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new digital tools, ChatGPT seemed to have lost its place in discussions. However, according to a survey

Artificial Intelligence and the Relationship between People and Brands” carried out with 1,722 Brazilian consumers by Ecglobal, a company in the Stefanini Group’s Haus ecosystem, the tool has actually become part of people’s daily lives, with 95% of interviewees using the application at least once a week.

According to data from Semrush, Brazil is 5th in the ranking of countries with the most access to the tool (web), which took into account 863 million global use cases in January of this year. Ecglobal carried out the study to validate the evidence of ChatGPT use by Brazilians.

Looking at the possibilities related to AI and the points of connection between brands and consumers, Ecglobal sought to validate how Brazilian users are using ChatGPT’s conversational features and how they influence purchasing decisions. This includes perceptions of artificial intelligence and the use of other digital tools, with actionable insights aimed at brands that care about keeping up with new consumer behaviors.

In the quantitative phase of the survey, which involved 1,722 Brazilians, it was found that 65% of people already knew about ChatGPT, and 30% of those who knew about it had already used it at least once. Among the respondents, 42% belong to generation Y and 39% to generation X. Of the people who reported using the tool provided by OpenAI, 15% reported using it daily, while 51% use it between 2 to 5 times per week and 29% of those surveyed use it at least once a week.

Qualitative and exploratory phase

During the qualitative part of the study, the company deepened the discussion to understand how people have relied on the tool to make purchasing decisions, exploring the possibilities of applying these new Artificial Intelligence technologies for brands seeking to improve the resources offered to consumers in the digital age.

The statements of 63 participants in the exploratory phase were analyzed using Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, on the Ecglobal private platform, which has been applying Generative AI to increase the speed and intelligence provided to the Consumer & Market Insights teams since January 2023. This is in collaboration with the Stefanini Group’s center of excellence in AI, and today, it already has 95% accuracy in the use of its Generative AI.


It was found that, despite the growing awareness of the tool, there is still discomfort concerning the authenticity of the information provided by ChatGPT for decision-making in the purchase journey. However, the tool already exerts a strong influence on the initial stages of the Brazilian consumer’s journey, supporting the moment when they decide to seek information about products, services, and brands, with relevant information that influences the final purchase decision.

With the detailed responses to what customers expect from the tool when searching for products and services, the behavior patterns revealed a feeling of satisfaction present in 100% of the generational groups participating in the study, while enthusiasm was the second most reoccurring positive feeling. On the other hand, there were negative feelings as well, such as discomfort and frustration at not knowing the source of information in the answers provided by ChatGPT, lack of detailed results, personalized answers, lack of up-to-date product information, and lack of redirection resources for human assistance.

“We’re starting a new phase of brand research by combining Artificial Intelligence with the work we’ve already done in the communities of the Ecglobal network, with fast and detailed data obtained through NLP. With the maturation of GPT programming and the arrival of other services, such as Bard, users will be more inclined to use this type of language in their purchasing journey. Brands that see this as an advantage and look for ways to add it to their business will come out ahead,” comments Adriana Rocha, Co-CEO and founder of Ecglobal.

“Haus has perceived generative AI as a great ally for expanding the delivery potential to our clients, adding human and creative capacity to the delivery of insights, strategies and optimization of results. We were able to unite Haus’ marketing and business intelligence vision, added Stefanini’s extensive background and technological capacity, which has been working with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing models for over 12 years and has been supporting the entire group in the evolution of offers and applications.” comments Guilherme Stefanini, CEO Haus.

The actionable insights obtained from this study, especially the possibilities for applying Generative AI to the consumer journey, will be announced at exclusive events organized by the company in the coming months.

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