Facilitating Growth and Knowledge Sharing in Romania – Brazil Committee Visits Stefanini's Romania Office - Stefanini

Facilitating Growth And Knowledge Sharing In Romania – Brazil Committee Visits Stefanini's Romania Office

We’re excited and honored at Stefanini to host the Brazil Committee “Honorary Consulate of Romania in Iporã do Oeste” in our Romania office, with Farlei Kothe, our EMEA CEO, extending a warm welcome. This visit not only allows us to explore new opportunities but also underscores our commitment to collaborating on innovation and sharing insights across various industries globally. Together with the Brazilian businesses represented here, we aim to create a rich environment for sharing knowledge and driving growth in Romania while contributing to global success stories. Let’s embrace this unique opportunity as we move forward in these extraordinary times.

The Power of Collaboration

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, collaboration is more critical than ever. It allows organizations from different countries and industries to come together with a common goal – fostering innovation through shared insights. The Brazil Committee, ““Honorary Consulate of Romania in Iporã do Oeste” , represented by Roberto Edson Dreher, welcomed by Farlei Kothe on behalf of Stefanini, serves as an excellent platform for such exchanges among key stakeholders in various sectors. This initiative aims to strengthen connections among Brazilian businesses and expand opportunities globally.

Exploring New Perspectives on the Romanian Market

Romania has become an attractive destination for investment due to its strategic location connecting Europe and Asia-Pacific markets, along with its thriving economy and a pool of skilled talent. We aim to foster cross-country learning that will help shape future strategies across multiple geographies, potentially empowering long-term growth.

Preparing for the Future

As technology evolves rapidly worldwide, staying ahead requires continuous adaptation. Hosting visits like these reflects Stefanini’s unwavering focus, with the leadership of Stefanini EMEA CEO Farlei Kothe, on leveraging expertise gained over decades of working in diverse regions. This expertise is enhanced through visits like the Brazil Committee’s, as well as our investments in digital transformation and partnerships with multinational clients. This approach helps us gain an edge in the fast-paced world of new solutions, meeting the evolving expectations of our customers.

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