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We Can Create Our Own Luck

Being in the right place at the right time can turn goals into reality. It doesn’t matter if it’s a soccer player in the World Cup doing a pass, a goalkeeper defending the move or the client finding the solution that your company can offer and, by chance, the client needs.

Sure, sometimes we need some luck, but nowadays technology can provide us with one way to create our own luck. This confluence of circumstances doesn’t need to be a miracle or an accident of destiny.

The customer journey is the process by which people become aware of your business, decide to work with you and eventually encourage others to do the same. Data and analytics have become consolidated even more. While numbers don’t reveal everything about a company, they are especially useful when it comes to measuring something as personal as the customer experience.

Technology for Every Step of the Customer Journey

Providing better customer experience (CX) is good for business growth. According to Salesforce, 90 percent of retail innovators believe that having seamless data analytics will increase sales, and customer experience analytics will increase customer loyalty by 56 percent.

Analyzing the numbers associated with customer journeys is critical to your success as a company. In addition, by providing you with a picture of each step of your clients’ journeys, you are able to make decisions faster and more efficiently. There are many technology tools to measure everything from the personas you are targeting to how happy or angry your client was, from the moment he called your customer service until he hung up.

The only way to effectively achieve good CX is by tracking progress, and that means collating, analyzing and making informed decisions using data from all relevant sources. In today’s competitive market, data-driven decisions are the only decisions.


*Spencer Gracias is CEO of Stefanini North America and Asia-Pacific.

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