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7 Inspiring Quotes From Our Black Leadership

At Stefanini, we value our diversity. Present in 41 different countries worldwide and speaking over 60 languages, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today without the variety of perspectives that our diverse employee base has granted us.

Celebrated in February, Black History Month is dedicated to honoring Black individuals and their achievements from our past and present. To celebrate, we compiled a list of inspirational and motivational quotes from some of our Black leaders at Stefanini. Keep reading to be inspired, and to learn a little more about these valued members of our North American team!

“Embrace boldness and fearlessness. Dive into cutting-edge technology, educate yourself and with strong work ethic you are unstoppable! Have the courage to seek mentors and lean in, cherish your uniqueness, and remember diversity fuels innovation and is our strength!”

-Bethlehem Gebrai, Vice President of Process Leadership and Presales/Solution Center

Since joining Stefanini in 1993 (when the North American branch was known as TechTeam,) Beth has risen through the ranks to her current position of Vice President of Process Leadership and Solution Center. She is responsible for leading Stefanini’s solutions and leading efforts to deliver value-based innovation to our clients. She oversees presales strategy; ensuring our solutions are aligned with client needs and drive value.

Beth holds a Bachelors degree from Marygrove College and a Master’s degree from Ball State University in Indiana, both in Computer Science. In her spare time, she loves soccer and enjoys attending her two children’s soccer games.

“Success is a reflection of the effort you put in, push forward and allow your growth to be never ending. No roadblock can stop your goals; [they] may be delayed but not denied. Create, communicate and collaborate.”

-Tushana Jones, Service Delivery Manager

Tushana’s history in management began 9 years ago with building relationships with external clients, managing top performing teams, and learning from her superiors and peers. She has been with Stefanini since June 29, 2020- nearing 4 years with the company. Tushana joined Stefanini as a Senior Team Lead, was promoted to Service Delivery Manager where she began managing one of our clients’ Service Desk needs. She is currently managing several different service delivery teams.

One of Tushana’s keys to success is motivation. Her greatest motivation is being the best role model possible for her four children (aged 15, 11, 8, and 7.) Another is her passion for mentorship. Throughout her career, she has learned a variety of things from several excellent mentors. They opened doors for her, and now, she wants to return the favor by providing similar opportunities to others.

“We rise with pride by lifting others. Success is more than what you accomplish in your life. Success is about being a positive influence on others. Success is when you can mentor and guide dreamers. It’s a rewarding experience for all when you see everyone’s dreams come true.

Never stop dreaming. Never stop believing. Never give up. Never stop trying. Never stop learning. Victory is yours. Dedication makes dreams come true.”

-Arielle Finch, Team Leader

Arielle Finch is a Team Leader at Stefanini Group. She has been part of the Stefanini family since 2020. Before that, she worked for several years doing workforce management and call center logistics.

She enjoys being both a leader professionally and life coach personally. She says that one of the aspects that makes being a leader and life coach rewarding is her ability to guide others to help improve their life/career paths.

“Don’t be afraid to be different. Beauty lies within the uniqueness of each one of us. You will never know your impact on the world unless you share your uniqueness with the world.”

-Dorian Hills, Purchasing Clerk

Dorian Hills is a member of the Finance Team in Stefanini NA&APAC’s Purchasing Department. She has worked at Stefanini for 23 years, starting as a receptionist and then transitioning to Purchasing. She values diverse representation as it brings an array of perspectives and creativity to achieve a collective goal. In her free time, Dorian loves to travel and takes trips with her family.

“Continual evolution is the key to sustained progress.

Embracing ongoing adaptation and continuous improvement is fundamental to ensuring sustained progress and success in our endeavors.”

-Bryan Jackson, Service Delivery Manager

As a dedicated professional with nearly 12 years of experience at Stefanini, Bryan has contributed to a wide range of projects. He has taken on diverse roles from trainer to team leader, and now is a Service Delivery Manager. He describes himself as a self-starter, keen on embracing new challenges and exploring new opportunities. He continually seeks to learn and grow in his career.

Beyond professional endeavors, Bryan is a passionate shoe enthusiast, and is proud to have over 200 pairs in his collection. He says that this passion for collecting and curating unique shoes reflects his attention to detail and commitment to excellence in all his life’s aspects.

“Facing adversity proves your will to succeed, no matter the obstacles that are placed in your way.”

-Wilhelm Branch, Team Leader

Wilhelm is a Navy Veteran. He has been at Stefanini since March of 2013. He started out as a tech and then became an SME and Trainer. He’s participated in different programs to promote career growth and, as a result, became a Team Leader. Wilhelm is always looking for way to keep growing. In his free time, he loves playing video games. He is a self-proclaimed “video game nerd” and grew up on gaming- all the way from Pac-Man to Call of Duty.

“Life’s Lessons Learned: (Washira’s Words of Wisdom)

  1. Be present — Today’s moments become tomorrow’s cherished memories.
  2. Invest in yourself — Cultivating physical, mental, and educational wealth that compounds endlessly.
  3. Embrace change — It is inevitable, resistance is futile. 😊
  4. Learn to be adaptable — A survival skill that pays dividends.
  5. Stay objective — Become a steady beacon through life’s twists and turns.
  6. Step out of your comfort zone—This is where growth and surprises eagerly await.
  7. Practice empathy—An enduring key to forging meaningful connections.
  8. Value integrity—It is priceless! The unwavering compass guiding the ethical path.
  9. Cultivate grit—Discipline, dedication, and hard work, the paving stones to success.
  10. Lastly and most importantly is JOY. Always make yourself a priority! Having an outlet—something that brings you JOY! This is not a luxury but a necessity in life’s journey and for your overall well-being.”

-Washira Slay, Client Services Manager

With 12 years at Stefanini, Washira’s journey has been consistently dedicated to supporting the success of the customer. From her beginnings as a Technical Liaison to her roles as Global Problem & Change Manager and Customer Success Manager for all ITSM support, her focus has always been representing the voice of the customer and ensuring our clients thrive. Now, embarking on a new initiative, Washira will be developing and leading the new Innovations Quality Assurance Team.

In her spare time, she loves dancing in a variety of styles. She is a retired dance instructor, and for over a decade, coached competitive dance teams for kids aged elementary through high school.

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