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Local Operations In France. Mathis And Issam

Step into the dynamic Local Operations division in France, where the company’s core values and unique culture set the stage for remarkable career growth. In this interview, Mathis (Service Delivery Manager) and Issam (UC Coordinator) shed light on how they progressed in their roles and what proved to be helpful in their start.

Mathis’s journey with Stefanini began in 2019 with the Deskside technician role. In just a year, he was promoted to Deputy Team Leader for the company’s operations in France. By 2021, he was serving as a UC Coordinator and, eventually, took on the role of Service Delivery Manager. “I never thought that I would get so many good news in the following years. If I can talk to the Mathis of 2019 and say, ‘In three years, you will be SDM,’ he’d say, ‘Haha, Good luck with that.'”

Mathis had the chance to work with the team, and 1 week in, he decided that he wants to become a Stefanini employee. After that, he attributed his success to the supportive work environment he found at Stefanini and the company’s emphasis on human interaction in accomplishing results. He firmly believes that a happy and motivated workforce will outperform rigidly results-driven teams in the long run. “If people are happy about coming to work, they will give the best of themselves. Just focusing on results isn’t enough; it’s about creating a good culture and work environment.”

Issam’s story at Stefanini began in 2021 as a Deskside technician, shortly before he was offered a six-month contract. His goal was to secure a full-time position with Stefanini, and with the support of Mathis, his then team leader, and his colleagues, he succeeded in achieving this goal: “My goal was to get this full time contract because the environment of work was very good. The colleagues enjoy coming to work so I wanted to be in this type of environment. So I was pushing every day, to do the best from my side.” The inclusive and positive work environment at Stefanini, coupled with the help of his mentors, propelled Issam to his current role as a UC Coordinator. Issam’s journey underscores how important it is to have a supportive manager doubling as a mentor. He describes Mathis as “not just my manager but my mentor. It’s a big challenge when you’re in a new team and a different country, but with the help of Mathis and my colleagues, I improved.”

When identifying the key ingredient for success in their roles, effective communication surfaces as the ace behind both Mathis’ and Issam’s successful collaboration. As Issam agrees, “When you have a problem, many people thinking about one problem can find the solution, and it’s not the same as trying to do it alone.”

About Local Operations

Stefanini’s Local Operations division thrives within an international mindset of growth and opportunity. This division operates at the intersection of location and innovation, managing services where the teams work on the front lines, directly at client sites with the Stefanini knowledge and support by their side. The division stretches across many countries, touching base in locations as diverse as Germany, Romania, The Netherlands, the UK, France, Italy and more. Here, professionals are invited to challenge the constraints of traditional career paths, embrace new challenges, connect across borders, and make a meaningful impact on Stefanini’s global footprint.

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