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Graduating From Stefanini�s In-House University

The technology industry is a vibrant space. With new tools and solutions constantly being developed to service a modern workplace that’s increasingly dependent on digital innovation, the need to have the best team possible is more important than ever.

At Stefanini, we’re proud to have established a reputation as a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for businesses. One of the ways that we have achieved this status is by equipping our team with the specialist skills required to build and develop industry-leading technologies.

There are various tools that we use to train and develop our people, but none that are more critical than our ‘In-House University’. An online portal that can be used to access training courses, tutorials and even earn industry-recognised qualifications, the In-House University provides our people with the expertise that they need to develop our innovative range of solutions and service our global roster of customers.

Teach me something new

Businesses around the world are utilising our solutions, but our true value lies in the skills our people bring. Whether it be developing next-generation artificial intelligence and cloud solutions, or providing businesses with the best possible service and consultation, our work requires some truly specialist skills. That’s why we developed the In-House University; to allow our people to access the courses and training that they need to develop their expertise. Employees can work through these courses at their own pace and can even choose to sit exams, which we’ll fund, equipping them with industry-recognised qualifications.

It’s not all about soft skills, though. Employees can also take courses to develop their business skills, by strengthening their leadership and talent management abilities. We’re keen to recognise our employees’ drive to develop their careers, and the In-House University facilitates that. With the help of over 35 IT and business programmes, our people acquire the skills and knowledge required to achieve their professional goals.

The power of choice

We strongly believe that people are more likely to excel in a discipline they feel passionate about. Whether it’s a problem to be solved, a skill to be mastered or a task to be completed, the ability to choose an area of focus can be a powerful motivator for staff. That’s why our In-House University is designed with choice in mind.

Employees can choose which subjects they would benefit from exploring in further depth, or can present a case for why they should take certain courses and qualifications. The result? People that are engaged and passionate about the work they’re doing and spurred on to deliver the best possible results for our customers.

The bigger picture

Feeling like a valued member of a team can have a significant impact on both motivation and productivity. When you remain strictly within the boundaries of your own group though, it can be easy to lose sight of that team mentality – especially within a bigger company. Encouraging employees to be curious and better understand their colleagues’ work in other areas of the business is therefore an invaluable way of reminding them that they’re part of a wider organisation, and of how their work contributes to the business as a whole.

That’s why the In-House University gives people the option to take courses in areas or disciplines beyond their own work, to help develop their understanding of the wider company. A marketeer, for example, could apply to take a course in application design or cloud infrastructure.

This isn’t just advantageous from an engagement point of view, though. The ability to learn and access other areas of the organisation could also help to improve employee retention. If any of our people are considering a career change, we can actually help them to develop the skills that they need to simply move to another part of the business, as opposed to leaving for another company.

We’re firm believers that it’s important not only to support your staff through their career, but also to challenge and encourage them to develop their skills. That’s why the In-House University is such a vital part of our work here at Stefanini. The knowledge and skills that our people are able to acquire feeds directly into our industry-leading solutions and consultancy, helping us live up to hard-won reputation that we’ve earned over the last 30 years.

Every day, our clients feel the benefit of this inimitable resource.

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