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Embracing Change And Teamwork: Local Operations Insights

Step into the dynamic Local Operations division, where the company’s core values and unique culture set the stage for remarkable career growth. In this interview, Ismael (Service Delivery Manager) in Stefanini Netherlands sheds light on his role, challenges faced, and the supportive ecosystem that has propelled his and the team’s growth in the company. 

Ismael’s journey began when he joined Stefanini in 2018, initially working at the Client office in Utrecht, Netherlands. However, when the company moved to Amsterdam, Ismael had the opportunity to be part of the team building the new office from the ground up. He vividly recalls the first day in the empty office space, surrounded by pillars that would eventually support a fully operational workplace within two months. This experience marked the beginning of his deep connection with the company. 

Over the years, Ismael witnessed significant changes, which brought about improvements in systems, services, and overall structure, fostering a stronger sense of unity within the team. Within the Local Operations division, Ismael paints the picture of a team defined by trust, collaboration, and a commitment to open communication. It’s a space carefully curated to embrace mistakes not as setbacks but as important steps toward continuous learning and evolution. In his onboarding sessions, Ismael advises newcomers to embrace the learning process and assures them that failure is not met with punishment but with guidance on improvement. 

“I always tell them make mistakes, learn from them and grow because there’s no other way. If you don’t create experience, then you won’t grow. You learn best from failure, right?”

Motivated by a strong desire for personal growth, Ismael finds that the environment at Stefanini is the most conducive for his professional aspirations. He highlights Stefanini’s distinctive approach to internal recruitment, underscoring the company’s deliberate choice to explore internal talent before turning externally.  

As we reflect on this journey, the sentiment remains clear—change is an integral part of growth. Collaborative wins, shared struggles, and the unwavering support within the team form the backbone of this Stefanini success story. 

About Local Operations  

Stefanini’s Local Operations division thrives within an international mindset of growth and opportunity. This division operates at the intersection of location and innovation, managing services where the teams work on the front lines, directly at client sites with the Stefanini knowledge and support by their side. The division stretches across many countries, touching base in locations as diverse as Germany, Romania, The Netherlands, the UK, France, Italy and more. Here, professionals are invited to challenge the constraints of traditional career paths, embrace new challenges, connect across borders, and make a meaningful impact on Stefanini’s global footprint. 

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