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Application Trends For 2023

Businesses have had to adjust to a disrupted and fast-moving landscape in order to take their digital journey to the next level. In 2023, application development will be no exception, with organizations investing in applications in order to respond to rapidly changing market demands and consumer behavior.

Here, we take a look at some of the most significant application trends for 2023.

The rise of super apps

Similar to smartphones that have several multi-purpose apps installed, super apps are expected to rise in 2023. Combining the features of an app, a platform and a digital ecosystem within a single application, superapps offer a platform from which third parties can develop and publish their own miniapps. Taking the form of a one-stop-shop, these super apps will ease the life of the consumers by combining different services into one interface, delivering a more seamless customer experience. This represents a significant opportunity in 2023, when businesses that respond to this trend by creating super apps will have first-mover advantage.

App security focus

With these more integrated and consolidated super apps, there will also be an increase in security vulnerabilities in 2023. As a result, next year should also involve an increased focus on app security as those businesses that are responding to new trends also seek to guard against new vulnerabilities.

AI and machine learning

The importance of AI and machine learning is only set to increase in 2023 in response to the growing popularity of personalization and automation. These technologies will continue to be implemented into apps to help businesses improve customer interaction, get insight into customers’ behavior and deliver a better experience to them.

Voice assistants are also gaining traction in assisting users and replacing text interactions, which will prompt businesses to rethink their approach to search engines as they consider the role of voice search features. Companies will also need to optimize how their apps work with voice search functions in 2023.

Cross-platform development

The steep cost of platform development is set to boost cross-platform development over the years ahead, with businesses set to focus on creating apps that can work on different operating systems.

This will not only save on app development costs – with apps developed in a single language – but also increase speed to market, removing the need to begin developing an app from scratch for a different operating system.

5G Apps

5G has improved the cellular network in such a way that it lays the foundation for more sophisticated mobile apps that harness new technologies.

This not only includes apps using AR and VR technologies but also IoT applications. Offering faster, improved services and better geo-location apps, 5G will play a significant role in shaping 2023 trends.


Blockchain undoubtedly has a major role to play in shaping the future, creating a safe single source of truth. The safety and reliability it provides has resulted in major businesses – particularly in banking and financial services – exploring how they can best harness the technology.

Within other sectors, businesses are also exploring how to harness the security benefits of blockchain by integrating the technology into their apps, which will drive the growth of the technology over the next year.

A Year of New Opportunities

In summary, 2023 is set to be an exciting year for businesses that make effective use of developing technologies and are prepared to gain a first-mover advantage through their use of applications. While seizing these opportunities, businesses will also need to remain mindful of any security vulnerabilities they introduce.

At Stefanini, we recognize that businesses seeking new opportunities could become even more reliant on new technologies, which is why we will continue to provide the support businesses need to design, develop, implement and maintain their applications.

The exciting trends of 2023 and our approach to next-gen applications will ensure a better experience for businesses’ internal end users and external customers – laying the groundwork for a successful year ahead.

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