Next Gen Apps in a Nutshell: A 2022 Throwback - Stefanini

Next Gen Apps In A Nutshell: A 2022 Throwback

What Are Next Gen Applications?

In recent years, companies have faced unprecedented business challenges arising from and due to the pandemic. This has resulted in a shift towards online services remote working and supply chain disruption – and these are just a few examples the many ways peoples’ personal and professional lives have changed. In 2022, organizations have continued to manage the effects of these challenges while also facing emerging difficulties including a complex geopolitical environment, the rising costs of energy and living as well as a lack of human resources and inflation.

In this context, resilient companies who can react and adapt quickly to such a dynamic environment will position themselves to thrive.

How Stefanini Delivers Next Gen Applications

At Stefanini we work with our clients to understand their business’ unique challenges, processes, and goals, while uncovering their end-users’ needs and expectations.

We continuously adapt our service offerings and the models through which we deliver to provide exceptional value to our customers. We believe it is imperative for companies to have effective software delivery models to ensure they can provide great products and services to their customers.

Next Gen Application delivery models are reshaping the way Stefanini provides application development and management services to our clients. This shift is driven by technological advancement and the need for business agility in meeting and exceeding the expectations of clients and their digitally-enabled users. In addition, our delivery models are built to provide the journey towards digital transformation for more traditional clients.

Stefanini’s Next Gen Application Model

Next Gen Application consists of three different offerings with their own strengths and suitability that complement each other.

  • Digital Software Factory – is the cutting-edge approach for developing software quickly and easily in a scalable way. This offer is a flexible packaging of software development services, focused on business results. It brings the best practices in developing software solutions, combined with tools and techniques that automates the development processes, enabling rapid delivery of high-quality software.
  • Digital Application Management Services (AMS) – helps businesses run and optimize their applications at operational level, while focusing on improving user experience. These challenges are addressed efficiently and effectively through the ongoing evolution, growth, and stabilization of the solution.
  • Challenges quickly and effectively. Here, the focus is on company operations and user experiences, using this insight to feed into the evolution of the product, its growth and stabilization, as well as its long-term behavior.
  • Digital Product Development – the model proposed by Stefanini goes beyond technical implementation; it is an end-to-end experience that covers the entire lifecycle of the digital product, starting from ideation, digital strategy definition to construction, marketing, maintenance, and monetization.

Business Advantages from Stefanini`s Next Gen Application Services

Stefanini’s Next Gen Application delivery models are focused on delivering customer-first experiences, business agility and cutting-edge technology.

We believe that a customer-first approach is crucial for the success of every business. We understand that businesses and their end-users expect personalized solutions that meet their specific needs, pains, and desires. It is our goal to deliver value to our customers as soon as possible, in a clear and transparent manner. This means being able to absorb changes and make adaptations along the way, as well as regularly collecting and integrating customer feedback. By putting the customer and their end-users at the center of everything we do, we can deliver solutions that truly meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Stefanini is committed to the concept of business agility. We understand that speed is critical in business, and we strive to make it part of every process. By being agile, we create better conditions for our journey with our customers and we enable our clients to respond faster to the changes in the market and to the current dynamic environment.

To deliver on these promises, we rely on the latest technologies and embrace automation, as well as modern practices in delivery, management, and governance. By using new technologies, we improve our response to end-users’ needs and expectations and use technology as an accelerator of business transformation and value generation for our clients.

Main Issues Facing our Customers and our Offered Solutions

As digital principles become more prevalent in today’s world, they are solicited, embraced, and finally incorporated by a growing number of organizations, methodologies, and approaches. These include focusing on outcomes rather than deliverables, customer value rather than SLAs, and agility rather than traditional approaches.

Next Gen Application delivery models are part of our innovation lifecycle framework, designed on the same core principles: focusing on achieving desired outcomes, maximizing value for our customers and prioritizing agility and speed to reduce the time-to-user. Our framework brings together key components that are shared with all three offerings, such as business strategy, co-creation workshops, portfolio management, modern delivery and governance processes and includes technology accelerators. This integration creates synergies between these offerings and helps us to deliver more value to our clients.

In addition to the integration of these components, our innovation lifecycle framework focuses on continuous improvement. It is an essential process that allows us to regularly review and identify opportunities for improvement in our services and delivery models, enabling us to provide the best possible solutions to our clients.

Stefanini Next Gen Application Focuses

After a turbulent 2022, companies have been pressured to continuously adapt their ways of working to the new reality; however the New Year brings fresh perspectives that will guide companies to take their digital journey to the next level. Application development is no exception, given the rapidly changing market demands and consumer behavior.

Stefanini Next Gen Application delivery models are designed to focus on customer experience and business agility while leveraging advanced technology and modern governance and development practices. Through these models we quickly and efficiently deliver high quality products and software services that drive our customers’ business success.

Working with Stefanini provides a true partnership to tackle disruption. With robust experience, a holistic and integrated vision, a focus on business results, agile flexibility and optimized end-user experiences, Stefanini will co-pilot this initiative with you, bringing the competences that you need, as and when you need them, to co-create the future of your business. We are dedicated to your success and happy to assist you throughout your digital transformation journey.

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