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Agile IT Enables Better Business Outcomes

Applications are at the heart of digital transformation. The growth of cloud computing and the widespread adoption of social and mobile technology is having a profound impact on how companies interact with customers, employees and stakeholders across the supply chain. However, a more connected marketplace has made managing business more complicated. This is due to the extensive amounts of data now available to businesses, which poses both a problem to address and an opportunity to pursue.

These changes are forcing digital transformation, with information technology moving from simply a back-office support function to a critical interaction point. The traditional approach to application development and management has become a heavily entrenched and saturated market space. The message to be more agile and deliver solutions faster, with higher quality at a lower price, is now stronger than ever; with tone of conversations changing from customer satisfaction and cost to user experience and value.

The transition to a value-orientated operating model is transformative in nature. It can not only help shift your organisation toward service-driven IT, but also provide a holistic view across projects and ongoing operations and maintenance – helping to drive enterprise agility and transform your business’ digital experience seamlessly.

Technology can help find solutions

The digital era demands a new approach to application management. Organisations need to continuously innovate, evolve and integrate their applications to achieve better business outcomes. We know that organisations are looking to do more than just reduce costs; so, creating sustainable value through improvement and innovation is critical. And that’s where we come in.

Our Application Management Services (AMS) allow your business to prioritise talent, energy and resources to ensure that you grow quickly and efficiently, while maintaining consistent quality and functionality.

Transforming AMS is good for business

AMS is changing and the business landscape is always desperate for innovation. We aren’t trying to improve an old methodology. In fact, we are creating new strategies to adapt to new technological needs and opportunities to get things done. The benefits of our AMS include:

  • Application Performance Management – proactively measure, monitor and enhance performance to deliver a best-in-class user experience. Additionally, we connect the application monitoring KPIs with the business process KPIs, because we understand that business is a high priority.
  • Assessment and Consulting – we assess, identify and address the gaps to continually uplift the maturity of application support services.
  • TotalCare for Cloud Services – all-inclusive TotalCare services holistically address all the needs of supporting and enhancing applications to grow your business.
  • Support and Enhancements – creating the right blend of proactive focus to help drive the effort on reactive tasks to generate the capacity to do more with the same.

Working with Sophie

Application services must be able to keep up with today’s dynamic business environment. Our aim is to do more than simply support and manage applications. Our aim is to work proactively to enhance performance and modernise systems through automation tools and data collection.

With that in mind, meet Sophie – our revolutionary artificial intelligence platform for managed services. She is uniquely customisable to your specific business needs and can reduce support costs up to 80%. Her ability to integrate with many interfaces and systems, while her multichannel capabilities make her the perfect solution for a wide range of industries. Sophie’s ticket resolutions are end-to-end, saving you valuable time and providing quality data to optimise your managed services. Her knowledge base continuously improves through her natural language and understanding, making her an increasingly valuable asset to businesses.

There’s no reason to only meet expectations. We want to exceed them. By transforming the way AMS is done, we can help your business transform and thrive in a new technological environment.

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