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We Launched A New Solution For The Retail Market In Brazil

Digital transformation is impacting retail, putting the consumers at the heart of decisions. With the goal to offer fully digital journeys and grow the sector, we are now offering the innovative Spark solution in Brazil, which can be customized to the direct sales market. The solution aims to increase sales and loyalty through a customer-relationship platform integrated with the line of credit.

The solution addresses CRM, credit, and billing operations, delivering  high performance and ease management, avoiding outdated processes. With this format, retaining customer loyalty is possible, which guarantees more agility for the consumer day by day.

For the retail industry, Spark helps increase the average sales ticket by more than 30 percent, considering customers already registered. It also increases credit forecasting and approval capacity by 35 percent, reduces credit losses by 12 percent, and fixed costs by card by nine percent.

Effective Interaction Between Retailer and Consumer

The tool aims to promote a more effective interaction between the retailer and the consumer, generating value for both, such as access to personalized offers, making purchases through the application, viewing the expenses of open invoices, prepayment of the invoice and smart billing, and helping to reduce monthly expenses.

According to Bráulio Lalau de Carvalho, CEO of Orbitall, a Stefanini Group company, the solution is complete (end-to-end), sold in the SaaS model and with analytical engine differentials based on machine learning. He says the goal is to generate engagement offers, billing and credit engines.

“We develop work methodologies focused on the customer’s vision, using the digital transformation to guarantee a differentiated experience to the final consumer. It is necessary to understand the consumer and develop an increasingly simple and assertive shopping journey,” said Carvalho.

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