Embracing the Future: Stefanini and Robotiq.ai Join Forces to Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Financial Industry - Stefanini

Embracing The Future: Stefanini And Robotiq.ai Join Forces To Accelerate Digital Transformation In The Financial Industry

Robotiq.ai, a platform that harnesses the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI solutions joins forces with Stefanini, a service and software provider, for data processing and consulting.

Robotiqi.ai’s technologies seamlessly integrate into Stefanini’s portfolio, solidifying a strategic partnership that adds significant value to Stefanini’s offerings. This collaboration empowers Stefanini to provide clients with an extensive range of innovative AI-driven solutions. By leveraging Robotiqi.ai’s cutting-edge capabilities, Stefanini enhances its capacity to deliver intelligent automation, fostering operational efficiency and driving business process optimization.

Daniel Amarandei, Product Manager for Financial Industry at Stefanini EMEA comments, „We are excited to partner with robotiq.ai to help our clients accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Robotiq.ai provides our clients with the tools they need to automate and optimize their business processes, improve decision-making, and create new products and services. Together, we can help our clients achieve their business goals faster and more efficiently. ”

He continues, „Our goal is to venture into the mature markets of traditional banking with focus on medium-small-sized banks in the European region, providing innovative solutions for the increased complexity of back-office operations.”

Robotiq.ai CEO, Darko Jovišić, adds „Partners are one of the corner stones of Robotiq.ai go-to-market strategy as they are the ones delivering solutions and adding a human-touch to the technology. Having a strong partner like Stefanini with a broad market reach, industry experience and technical know-how helps us to deliver on a promise of a more creative and efficient workplace. We look forward to our collaboration in creating a limitless world. Together! ”

About Robotiq.ai Solutions and Technologies

Robotiq.ai is a versatile, enterprise-grade platform that harnesses the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI solutions. It elevates businesses with software designed to transcend industry boundaries through Intelligent Automation (IA) process that makes a positive ripple effect on the whole business ecosystem. These timesaving and cost-cutting solutions can streamline the entire back-office operations and enhance operational excellence.

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