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Applying Virtual Reality For Novel Purposes

You’re standing in a room with a virtual reality headset on. For all intents and purposes, you are present in “another world.” But this isn’t a video game.

It’s your dentist’s office.

More than just a fun way to enhance your video-game-playing experiences, virtual reality is growing in prevalence, and it’s being applied in unexpected ways. From dentists’ offices to classroom training and mental health facilities, VR is appearing everywhere.

In the dentist’s office, VR can be used for lessening the amount of pain and anxiety that patients experience. By wearing a VR headset displaying an oceanside scene, patients said they experienced a significantly less amount of pain, according to a recent study. Not only did the VR technology have an impact, but the calming scenery was also a paramount part of producing this result.

Likewise, educational facilities can implement VR for training medical students. By using VR, students can experience real-world, hands-on training through simulating procedures and surgeries; this allows them to make mistakes, learn and improve without the risk involved with performing on actual patients.

Mental health facilities are another area where VR can be applied for a great purpose. A VR game aims to help reduce fear and anxiety in patients through breathing exercises. It provides guidance through the techniques and can help patients feel calm in a few minutes.

Not limited to the aforementioned uses, the potential purposes for VR are virtually limitless. This type of technology is not simply suitable for fun but also the business. The positive effects of VR can enhance many significant areas of our jobs and day-to-day ways of living, even producing benefits that extend to our overall wellbeing and health.

At Stefanini, we offer many innovative technology services that can benefit your business and help you see the world through a new, digital lens.  Learn more here.

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