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We Connect, Belong And Make A Difference Together

At Stefanini, we believe in people.

When it comes to fostering a pleasant work atmosphere, our main purpose is to create the appropriate environment for professional and personal development, the possibility to explore and discover new areas of interest and the freedom of people being themselves and remaining loyal to their own values in the workplace.

To achieve this goal, in our delivery centers we implemented a hybrid work set-up, which provides flexibility, while maintaining the high quality of our services and the possibility to meet our business’ needs in the desired manner. 

We believe in the power of real-life connection.  This is why we organize various events for our employees. Everyone is invited to join our internal events at the office to spend quality time together. 

  • Every month, we organize a gathering over coffee and sweets in our cafeterias, where people can join and meet each other, exchange ideas and create connections. We try to surprise colleagues with special days at the office, by bringing something new for them to enjoy; just to mention some of the latest special days at the office, we were delighted by Specialty Coffee Day, Specialty Donuts Day, Ice Cream Day, Pumpkin Pie Day and others.

We enjoy the feeling of belonging – and we are not alone in this.

  • We celebrate important days with special internal initiatives, (for example, International Children Day Contests or Earth Day Contests) and, more importantly, we celebrate our employees for their seniority within the company and for their great results, some of the most common actions being the Employee of the Quarter Awards session and the Seniority Awards ceremonies.
  • All EMEA colleagues can remain in contact with each other through our online communities’ channels, EMEA Talking Travel and People of Stefanini, supported by Viva Engage tool; we use the online tools to stay connected, no matter the distance between each other.

We believe in the power of taking care of the communities where we belong, and our focus is on people, education and the environment.

  • We organize charity and volunteering events in the cities where we have our delivery offices, in partnership with local NGOs fighting for social causes related to the above-mentioned pillars. Colleagues from Stefanini join forces to support children in getting prepared for the school year or to bring a smile and help people from vulnerable families celebrate Easter and Christmas.
  • One of our favorite activities is where sports are involved as well – we partner in fundraising marathons over the year in several location, as well as organize the Stefanini Charity marathon where we support the causes we believe in, open for all employees across EMEA, regardless of their location.
  • When it comes to the environment, we take small steps every year to contribute to a better environment for our current and future communities, by joining tree planting campaigns and inviting our colleagues to become volunteers and plant together with us.

Together, we are more than just a team; we are a united community committed to connect, belong and make a difference.

If you see yourself being a part of the picture we’ve just described, follow your intuition!

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