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Stefanini Group In Southfield Acquires Brazil-based Cybersecurity Firm

Stefanini Group, an information security company with its American headquarters in Southfield and global headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has announced that it has acquired Brazil-based cybersecurity firm Safeway Consultancy. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

This move was made in response to increased demand and customer needs due to the rise in cyberattacks that cause operational disruptions, which has increased investments in cybersecurity solutions around the world.

“Our cybersecurity offer is strategic, and we have an aggressive investment plan for the coming years,” says Marco Stefanini, founder and global CEO of Stefanini Group. “Safeway has a solid reputation in the market and will contribute to making our cybersecurity services even more comprehensive to serve our clients.”

Safeway was founded 15 years ago with an aim to be the first “boutique consultancy” in information security and cybersecurity in the Brazilian market. The company has a base of 200 clients, more than 450,000 hours of fraud and cyberattack prevention consulting, and 35,000 assets monitored by the security tower at its dedicated security operations center (SOC), which manages networks, analyzes potential vulnerabilities, and responds to incidents.

With the move, Stefanini Group strengthens its role in the global cybersecurity market, as Safeway will join Cyber Smart Defense from Romania and Stefanini Rafael, a joint venture with Rafael, an Israeli technology company focused on military security. The Brazilian multinational has been investing in the sector, having expanded its operations to all regions where it operates, with SOCs (security operations centers) in Brazil, Peru, India, and Romania.

Stefanini Group closed last year with global revenues of $6.2 billion. The expectation is to reach the end of this year with 25 percent growth.

“We expect our cybersecurity platform to grow by 50 percent in 2023, especially with the arrival of Safeway and the increase in operations abroad,” Stefanini says. “Our goal is to bring resilience to enhance the security of our clients’ digital transformation projects.”

Safeway CEO Umberto Rosti adds that the acquisition was a good fit for both companies.

“Stefanini Group has such a significant reach, serving clients across the globe, which ultimately led to our decision in this agreement,” Rosti says. “The synergy between the companies, relevant customer base, and regional operations will allow Safeway to accelerate its growth and participate in the consolidation and leadership of the global cybersecurity market. We can make a meaningful difference together at a time when threats of attacks are growing and organizations need to strengthen their security posture.”

According to Marcelo Louro, global CFO of Stefanini, the group will continue its path of organic growth, reinforced with acquisitions.

“We have a winning model based on organic growth, with acquisitions that reinforce the portfolio of skills and technologies of the group,” Louro says. “Our focus now will be to grow our customer base, offering Safeway’s security consulting solutions that are very complementary to our current offer.”

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