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Enhancing Operational Efficiency In Family-Owned German Businesses

We asked two of our experienced experts, Oana Chetves and Stefan Scharpf, about their opinions on how Stefanini can support operational efficiency for German businesses:

In my 10 years at at Stefanini EMEA, I have seen an increased demand for digital solutions from our business partners. This demand has only accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic which forced many to reimagine their business models to strengthen revenue-generation. Amongst German family-owned SMEs, there is an appetite for digital IT solutions to enhance operational efficiency and open up new streams of revenue.

In a recent survey of more than 2,000 medium-sized companies in Germany, 93% said they want to continue investing in digital projects. Investing in cybersecurity was a focus for 65% of companies, influenced by the vulnerabilities exposed by the new way of working following the pandemic. 43% highlighted sustainability as a priority, indicating their desire to digitise for the benefit of the climate. Fortunately, Stefanini can offer a range of end-to-end digital solutions to meet ever-changing business needs and address market conditions.

  • Oana Chetves, Business Development Manager for Applications & Digital Services, Stefanini EMEA

In Bavaria I have witnessed the increased desire for digital solutions amongst family-owned SMEs. That is the great thing about Stefanini, despite our global footprint, we offer our customers localised expertise. We understand your language, the technological challenges you face, and your commitment to your history and strive to protect your future.

We adopt a thorough approach to understanding your requirements so we can successfully co-create a solution that will solve your unique challenges – all from the perspective of a fellow family-owned business. As Oana would say, it’s in our DNA to listen to our clients needs, pain points, struggles, desires and communicate transparently and work closely, as if we are one family.

  • Stefan Scharpf, Senior Sales Manager, Stefanini EMEA

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