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4 Ways IoT Services And Data Science Helps Business Growth

Just have a look around: from your car to your watch, from your thermostat to your doorbells, every single thing around you is digitized and is smarter in this tech-oriented world. You are capable of effortlessly acknowledging whether the parcel has safely arrived at your doorstep or if your heartbeat has reached a dangerous level without even lifting a finger. Even when driving, your car is capable of automatically dodging a collision.

This is all thanks to the innovations made in cognitive technology and artificial intelligence that have completely revolutionized and redefined our living standards.

Data science and services provided by the Internet of Things (IoT) have paved the way to modern-day conveniences.  According to certain estimations, the number of active IoT devices will surpass the figure of 25.4 billion by the year 2030. Not only this, but by 2025, there will be 152,200 IoT devices developing a connection with the internet per minute.

Further, IoT services have the potential to generate revenue up to $4 to $11 trillion by the year 2025.

Clearly, the data production rate is simultaneously growing with the human population, resulting in immense evolutions in the field of data science.  At the same time, bad data costs U.S. businesses almost $600 billion annually. Enterprises are responsible for data storage and management. Hence, appropriate measures must be acquired to attain benefits from that data.

Let’s explore four promising ways that will prove effective for the growth of business after IoT services and data science have been added to it.

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The Four Benefits of Working with IoT and Data Science  

1.    Amplified Decision Making

Only smart devices are not required for the magnification of the business. Have you ever wondered how streaming services are familiar with which song to play? Or how your smartphone’s map is capable of providing the fastest route home? The answer to all of these questions is data science.

Organizations are capable of extracting actionable insights from raw data with the help of data science. Businesses can make better decisions by analyzing information, behaviors, and patterns. For instance, airline companies can utilize data science for the prediction of flight delays. Similarly, financial infrastructures can utilize data science for the detection as well as prevention of identity theft or anti-money laundering activities.

Numerous hurdles possibly can befall businesses while making decisions. A few examples of these are productivity, retention, and pricing competition. Data science is the only answer to cross such evolving obstacles without any ambiguity. All in all, data science proves to be effective for uplifting any sort of business.

The following three things are required for the assurance of leveraging data science advantages:

  • A crystal clear understanding of enterprise
  • An appropriate talent to perform proper data analysis.
  • A suitable team for handling the required technology for data collection.

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2.    Secure Working Environment

A single vulnerability is more than enough for cybercriminals to have unauthorized access to your network to perform any sort of illegal activity. IoT technology can be effectively utilized to boost the security protocols of commercial buildings in numerous ways. For instance, wireless CCTV systems can be installed anywhere within the premises of a business and provide 24/7 live feed directly on smart devices.

Certain studies depict that the incorporation of security cameras can be an extremely effective deterrent against identity theft, data breaches, terrorist financing, and other relevant criminal activities.  Also, wireless alarm systems are yet one more affordable method for the enhancement of business security protocols for the protection of sensitive data with which enterprises deal on a day-to-day basis. All businesses must attain the benefits of IoT devices that can be utilized to boost workplace security and monitor business premises.

3.    Enhanced Business Operations

IoT devices are any physical device that has a connection with the internet. From smart sensors to smartphones to smart homes, everything is an example of IoT technology. Businesses need to acquire appropriate measures for the enhancement of their operations and to stay competitive in this world.

The incorporation of data science and IoT services assist businesses in the amplification of their operations for better risk assessment and to provide an enhanced customer experience to the potential customers of the organizations. For example, IoT can effectively detect when inventory is low and automatically generate new products. IoT can also assist the sales and marketing team with faster tracking and management of campaigns and customers. 

4.    Remote Working Opportunities

Employees of the organization no longer have to be mandatorily physically present in their offices for the completion of their tasks, all thanks to IoT technology. One of the greater benefits of IoT devices is that they permit employees to connect and work remotely. Remote working is the utmost requirement of every organization and employee since the pandemic outbreak struck.

The revolutionary IoT technology encourages communication and collaboration among team members, resulting in increased productivity levels within the worksite. Also, certain researches depict that employees tend to be happy yet predictive just because of remote working opportunities.

According to Business Insider, workers of those organizations that provide remote working opportunities work longer than average hours in comparison to non-remote workers. Remote working opportunities result in a decrease in overall business expenses.

The major plus point of remote working opportunities is that organizations will have access to a wider pool of talent. Their hiring staff will not be restricted to only a certain local area.

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Invest in IoT and Data Science

Clearly, IoT services and data science present infinite opportunities to modern businesses. Such promising opportunities can be leveraged for the enhancement of business operations, better risk assessment, and the enhancement of security protocols in numerous ways.

All of the above-mentioned ways help businesses provide a better customer experience and develop a transparent relationship between an organization and its potential customers. More technological advancements and progression are still expected that will surely lead us towards an unpredictable era of artificial intelligence and social upheaval.

Hence, businesses must attain appropriate measures to make commercial buildings stand out and stay competitive in this world. They must obtain benefits from IoT services and data science for the generation of business leads and profits.

Predictive analytic models can help in the identification of hidden patterns and fraud exposure by figuring out the anomalies that exist in the operational data. No matter what an organization’s industry, type, or size, data science, and IoT services are beneficial in all possible aspects.

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