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Cloud Enablement

Planning An IT Infrastructure In A Cloud Environment

Ensuring Effective Performance With A Cloud Strategy

A cloud strategy is an organization’s plan used to host its IT infrastructure in a cloud environment. Delineating the cloud’s architecture, development plans, governance model, and cloud strategies helps ensure effective performance of the infrastructure, workloads, and applications hosted in the cloud.

Also, a cloud strategy supports could management of the cloud by defining:

  • Cost
  • Functionality
  • Service levels

Across Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS), Platform As A Service (PaaS), And Software As A Service (SaaS), We Will Work With Your Unique Business Needs.

Cloud Modernization Strategy

Identify and design a modernization strategy to move from existing legacy systems to a cloud-enabled environment that supports IT infrastructure and business applications.

Infrastructure Assessment & Planning

Drive maximum value by assessing present IT infrastructure to determine readiness for cloud transformation and define requirements for a comprehensive, outcome-driven transformation plan.

Application Assessment & Modernization

Assess existing organizational application implementations, identify opportunities for modernization, and develop and incremental adoption roadmap to meet performance standards.

Migration Planning

Build a comprehensive strategy to identify migration needs and deploy organizational assets, data, services, IT resources and applications in a secure, scalable cloud environment.

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Our services include ITSM and IT strategy, cloud-based consulting, business process support, as well as transitional and transformational strategy.

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