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Working Within An End User Computing Strategy

EUC applications should never evolve by accident; rather, there should be a defined strategy behind each and every aspect of EUC. After all, when the EUC experience doesn’t meet consumers’ expectations, they might be take it upon themselves to go out in search of their own solutions, which unfortunately can drive away business.

As we covered in a previous post, “What is End User Computing?” end-using computing allows workers more flexibility, better productivity and more access to creative stimuli. Yet, EUC is only successful when utilized correctly. EUC strategies should consider the fact that every user-controlled app should be monitored and supervised, unless they wish to compromise the safety of their company. Further, strategies should include all the tools users will need to carry out their tasks and work more productively. While EUC is a valuable tool, without a strategy backing it, it will not be sufficient enough to offer you the help you need.

What Customers Want

According to Arraya, customers are in search of several characteristics when it comes to EUC. First and foremost is consistency. End-users are seeking an experience that is flexible and tailored to their needs. Secondly, the average worker wants to be able to do their job from anywhere at any time of the day. Employees are seeking a work experience across devices, where they have the freedom to use them at home, on the go and in the office. Thirdly, end-users are more eager to troubleshoot their own issues rather than having to rely on an outside source. Things as simple as changing a password are tasks that end-users feel more and more empowered to do, freeing time up for the Service Desk to tackle more complex issues. Fourthly, employees want the devices they use to be secure. Finally, employees seek the best and newest when it comes to devices. While following the above list to a T might prove tricky for some businesses, having an EUC strategy that is consistent, flexible, and customizable will prove only to be beneficial to prospective consumers.

Support to Implement

We need the tools to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing, technologically-influenced business and industry. Stefanini’s End-User Computing Services were drafted with the objective to target and address the most important aspects of your business. To that end, we customize our solutions to your necessary requirements. One of these ways is to evaluate your business model and reshape it so that it aligns with a digital transformed world. To begin, we assess your company’s day-to-day processes and experiences to find where innovative tech tools can help you increase efficiency while cutting costs. By focusing on service desk and field service, to asset management and device as a service, we guarantee our IT capabilities will enhance and enrich your business, setting you up for a success in world where new technologies every day.

Here are four ways we offer next-generation end-user computing support:

1)      Service Desk

Our Service Desk guarantees the following qualities: focus, knowledge management, governance, transition and transformation, HyperCare and Automation and AI. We have onshore, offshore, and nearshore delivery centers that boast a dedicated, shared or blended model. By leveraging an automation platform that is focused on maximizing the end-user journey, we deliver efficiencies and cost savings that create an unparalleled experience. When it comes to hiring, we offer recruiting, training, and performance management to select the right people for the job and we consistently follow up with you to continue to provide successful service for your business. Our best practices and end-to-end service management approach make up a framework for superior end-user and IT interactions.

2)      Field Services

Tech on Demand, Tech on the Go, and d3 – Data, Diagnosis, Decision are just three of the innovative and automation solutions offered by Stefanini. Our field services are enhanced by tools and services that drive the ability to initiate, predict and prevent automated services, which provides a more proactive support experience for end users. This approach improves the overall IT experience and drives serious cost savings for our customers. While your workplace may be challenged with supplying services to multiple environments – like campus locations, manufacturing plans, and corporate offices – you can be rest assured that our dynamic and flexible approach ensures our services match your needs. Solutions we offer include remote services, dedicated resources, and on-demand capabilities.

3)      Asset Management

You’ll undergo better lifecycle management while we manage your hardware and software assets, as well as software compliance consulting. We have a dedicated IT Asset Management (ITAM) comprised of a set of business practices that marry financial, contractual and inventory functions to support lifecycle management and strategic decision-making throughout your company’s IT environments. We address both software – working with you on asset management lifecycle events that could impact your business – and hardware – working with your business to provide comprehensive license compliance reporting for specific software titles. Our expert, flexible team provides you with visibility and control of your business assets, improved utilization, avoid penalties, the ability to reduce costs, support organizational changes, and align IT costs to services.

4)      Device as a Service

When it comes to mobile devices and laptops, from procurement to management, we have you covered. Our lifecycle management starts at the beginning of the journey, with planning and purchasing; extends throughout delivery and receiving; distribution, installation and operation; inventory, maintenance and warranty; before finally ending at pickup and return. To help maximize the efficiency of your business operations, we offer simple device leasing, workplace-as-a-service leasing, workplace full-services leasing and workplace evolution leasing. The benefits of our Device as a Service include cost reduction, custom maintenance contracts, the precise amount of equipment your business needs, global coverage and support, synchronized delivery, return to a centralized solution, and a focus on service level management.

Work with Stefanini

At Stefanini, we strive to reshape your business model to align with a digitally transformed world. From service desk and field service, to asset management and device as a service, we ensure our IT capabilities enrich and enhance your business, transitioning it for success in an age when new technologies emerge every day. For a full range of the end user computing services we offer, follow this link for Workplace and Infrastructure expert solutions.


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