The Ground-Breaking Platform That Is Set to Transform Operations in UK Businesses - Stefanini

The Ground-Breaking Platform That Is Set To Transform Operations In UK Businesses

The UK market will soon have the opportunity to benefit from the best-in-class Operational Intelligence solution IDbox, as well as other groundbreaking OI solutions, thanks to a new business agreement between Stefanini and CIC.

IDbox involves pioneering software that aids organisational decision-making through the supervising of industrial, energetic and smart processes. A powerful platform, capable of integrating millions of signals in milliseconds, it brings together all available information sources, processes the captured signals and offers tools for monitoring and analysis.

With a single user interface accessible from any device, IDbox offers complete and accurate information and empowers people to make better operational decisions in less time and with more autonomy; it is simple, fast and adaptable.

Manuel Frade, Stefanini’s EMEA Chief Executive Officer, comments: “The combination of this proven solution from CIC and the client support available from Stefanini’s 23,000-strong workforce means that together, we can make it possible for an even larger range of businesses to benefit from greater operational intelligence.

“We are pleased that this OI solution is yet another strong offering to add to Stefanini’s growing digital portfolio, but ultimately this agreement is about co-creating solutions to create a better world.”

The partnership will focus initially on two key vertical markets. The first is Utilities (Water and Waste Water Management), building on CIC’s vast experience of working with clients within the Spanish market where its IDbox technology has been applied to minimise water wastage, improve the distribution network and promote the transition to Smart Water Management. The second is the manufacturing and production industry, where IDbox has been implemented successfully to optimise productive processes and energy efficiency.

“We hugely value our strategic relationship with Stefanini,” said Carlos San Martín, director of CIC, “and we look forward to working together to offer more value-added OI solutions in the coming years.”

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