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Stefanini Reinforces Digital Solutions Tailored To Retail Industry

The confluence of technological advances and changing customer demands are forcing retailers to rethink the mold they originally created, in which they shaped their businesses. Traditional processes of purchasing products—and the whole retail experience in general—have evolved drastically, and the customer is one of the main forces dictating the direction of the path that retailers will take, heavily influenced by digital transformation. “We actively work to enhance the customer experience for our clients through engagement-tailored services, self-checkout and intelligent displays/ATMs, indoor marketing, omnichannel solutions, AR/VR, intelligent delivery and more,” says Carla Ferber, Marketing Vice President at Stefanini North America and the Asia Pacific.

Stefanini’s business solutions include digital onboarding, e-commerce, new business consulting, loyalty, online financing and media performance. Cost reduction is also a high priority on Stefanini’s radar of solutions. The company offers content services and document digitization, facial biometrics/image recognition, analytics/big data, CRM and omnichannel services, self-care solutions, automation/RPA, machine intelligence/chatbots, digital auditors, digital replenishment and back-office automation.

A Digital Partnership

The backbone of successful digital transformation is comprised of partnerships. Strong collaboration and co-creation with digital experts, IT technicians, business executives, and customers themselves is necessary for driving significant change in the way retailers respond to the increasing needs of customers.

Big enough to act globally—investing in an innovation ecosystem, while taking customers through the digital journey— Stefanini is also small enough to be customer-centric and flexible to adapt to their individual needs.

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