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Stefanini Revolutionizes Chatbot Market And Launches Sophie SAAS To Compete With Global Players

The multilanguage-trained AI platform is 85% more efficient than any other on the market

Recently, one of our of our blog posts covered our partnership with IDG, the world’s leading technology media, data and marketing services company, who conducted a survey about how cognitive  technologies will transform the customer experience. The study shows that more than 70 percent of the 108 respondents are already using cognitive technology for one or more purposes, and 63 percent plan to implement it in the next 12 months.

The growth perspective of cognitive and AI technologies meets our growth strategy in this market. For over seven years, we have been working on developing our cognitive intelligence platform, named Sophie, which now takes on a new format: the software as a service (SaaS) model. Several packages will be offered to serve small and medium businesses (SMEs) to corporate customers, including a free version.

“We want to democratize the use of chatbots,” says Marco Stefanini, our global CEO. ”Although designed to serve the largest corporations in the world, the platform can now be used by any company of any size. Sophie as a service (SaaS) is implemented simply, intuitively and securely.”

According to Alex Winetzki, our R&D Director and one of Sophie’s creators, the Sophie platform guarantees unmatched efficiency.

“Experience from hundreds of platform implementations shows that companies using our service around the world needed to invest only 20.5 agent hours per 1,000 interactions (about 7,000 messages received),” he says. “This means our chatbot is 85 percent more efficient than the best traditional approaches. It’s also the cheapest way to ensure a great experience for all customers all the time.”

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

With a hybrid digital answering experience, Sophie can increase customer satisfaction by 22 percent compared to a traditional call center, reducing customer call volume to the hotline by 50 percent and increasing productivity by 35 percent of employees. The solution is flexible, caters to dozens of content types and can learn any kind of information.

Further, the intelligent platform reduces training costs, turnover, organizational knowledge and rework bases.

“It’s a robust technology, used and tested by some of the world’s largest companies, with proven results in improving performance in call centers, service desks and other systems that aim to interact with the consumer or user, either through voice, internet or mobile applications, ” Winetzki explains.

Increasing Speed and Efficiency

Designed with an original and award-winning suite of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the platform replaces scripted human service with automation, and does so in an increasingly sophisticated manner, with ambitious investments in voice processing and self-learning. The goal is to enable increasing speed and efficiency in platform deployment and management.

“Six years ago, the installation of the Sophie platform took a few days,” Winetzki says. “Today it is done in a few hours. From the release of the SaaS version, a bot will be created in seconds. With this, our customers, partners and users have increasingly more freedom to use technology and create solutions with it. In fact, the search for partners to build specialized solutions with the platform is one of the top priorities of Sophie’s new phase.”

Proprietary Technology

One of the main differentials of the solution is the use of its own technology.

“Most of our competitors are not native bots” Winetzki says. “We control the core, Sophie’s brain, which makes it the fastest tool to train, and more simple to maintain. From now on, it also has the best value for money on the market, with an interaction with Sophie costing less than a penny. ”

To learn more about Sophie SaaS, click here.

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