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Stefanini Launches W@H Suite To Support Remote Work During COVID-19 And Beyond

COVID-19 has shown us that we have the potential to adapt to anything life throws at us. Use our W@H Suite to support your remote workers.

COVID-19 has shown us that we have the potential to adapt to anything life throws at us – even a global-wide pandemic. Yet, many companies are not prepared to support their suddenly-remote staffs. And they need to – the resolution of COVID-19 will lead to a market that is even more competitive and that increasingly relies on transformative workforces like the gig economy, requiring companies to be more agile, flexible and creative.

That’s why Stefanini is offering the resources necessary to stay productive and keep workers connected during these trying times.

Working from Home

It’s clear today that your business needs to be able to train your team to work long distance. Further, you need the right tools to virtually ensure your employees are collaborating, understand what they need to do, and are motivated to work, among other expectations.

With many employees working on laptops and using their own devices, it would seem that from a technical standpoint, working from home is easy to support. Yet, it’s not as simple for some industries. Though remote workers may have access to corporate virtual private networks (VPNs) that allow them access to office networks, everyone working remotely requires more network bandwidth and expanded hardware to encrypt those connections.

At Stefanini, we have a wide depth of experience in providing remote support, both to our own employees and to our clients. With a focus on your business needs, we analyze pinpoints, identify opportunities, and co-create a workplace strategy customized for your business. Using our tools, you can set up your employees with all the platforms and applications they need to be successful while maintaining their health amidst this global pandemic.

Offers and Resources

Our W@H Suite offers the right solutions to help your business navigate uncertainty, adapt to a changing world and become stronger in the face of challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Our W@H Suite can be summed up with five solutions:

  1. Communication & Collaboration
  2. End User and Cybersecurity
  3. Application & Data Access
  4. End User Support
  5. Remote Infrastructure Monitoring and Support


Communication & Collaboration

Your team needs to stay connected. We provide access to a full-fledged suite of products that allows your team to communicate anytime and from anywhere, accessing remote connectivity tools that allow for video conference calls, the completion of tasks online, and the ability to share data securely. We use:

·         AWS: Chime

·         Microsoft Azure: Teams

·         Microsoft Office 365

End User and Cyber Security

Ensure your employees are secure. We offer a wide variety of solutions to support your cyber security measures, including the ability to track user actions, malware, enable security on BYOD, and more. They include:

·         Security monitoring and incident management

·         A security posture assessment

·         Forensics operationalized

·         Intelligent security

·         Risk and threat management

·         Compliance automation and reporting

·         Centralized log management

·         Security analytics

Learn more about our other Digital services here

Application Data Access

Access the physical office from anywhere. It’s especially crucial in these times for employees to have the VDI to access virtual interfaces, work from home, and access streaming applications anytime, anywhere. We provide three categories:

o   Access to Virtual Desktop Applications: This solution can be applied for clients who require minimal hardware requirements for access. They are implemented using Amazon: AWS Workspaces and Microsoft: Azure Windows Virtual Desktop.

o   Access to VPNS Concentration Applications: This quick-deployment solution allows for the creation of layers for new levels of security deployment.

o   Access to Applications Streaming: This solution works well for customers who have legacy client and server applications that are now provided by a web interface, but have concerns about the personal devices set up for employees due to the generation of high demand (BYOD configuration). To implement, we use Amazon: AWS AppStream and Microsoft: Azure Windows Virtual Desktop.

Learn more about our Application Services here

End User Support

Our Workplace Anywhere solutions support your employees in any scenario. With our approach, employees can work on the go and utilize multiple devices, thus simplifying their interactions and maximizing their productivity.

To properly support end user cloud security, we securely combine Cloud, Virtual, and Managed Workplace Services to get the right balance for you and that ensure a very high level of customer compliance and protection. We offer:

·         AWS Firewall Manager

·         AWS GuardDuty

·         Microsoft Endpoint Protection for Azure

·         Anti-DDoS

·         CDN

·         WAF

·         VMware Carbon Black Cloud

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Remote Infrastructure Monitoring and Support

Realize a more ambitious future for your employees.  Our high-quality, industry-aligned solutions enable a human-centric intelligent society, thus allowing your organization to prioritize your employees’ needs. We have a specialized team in place that globally monitors IT environments and our SOPs dictate incident response and escalation. Overall, we can provide the right type of assistance when it comes to supporting and supervising your infrastructure, ensuring that your employees can focus on their day-to-day duties. We offer:

•       Event Management (Monitoring), Triage (Level 1 & 1.5) Critical Incident Management & Escalation for:

•       Problem Management and Analysis

•       Operations Readiness and Support

•       Workflow and SOP Automation using Ayehu and SOPHIE, which helps organizations avert financial loss.


The Future Workplace Is Here

The nature of work is rapidly changing and so are your employees’ demands. According to Gartner, by 2025, team tools and skills will change and co-evolve, digital dexterity will be closely measured, and learning will be connected, among other expectations. Yet, due to COVID- 19, we’re finding that these workplace changes have had to happen much more quickly than we anticipated. At Stefanini, we strive to be future-thinking and calculate workplace solutions before they’re needed – and we want to work with your business so you’re equally prepared. One of the best ways to anticipate changes is to understand the type of work environment you’re dealing with.

Gone are the days of the traditional workplace. Expect to see less and less:

  1. Physical offices
  2. Virtual teams
  3. Hierarchy team structure
  4. Limited automation in workplace
  5. Fixed cycle of employment – study, job, retirement
  6. Focus on work, dependency on office devices, starting of multichannel, multi device
  7. Physical presence in the office

Instead, look for:

  1. Virtual offices and smart offices
  2. Virtual presence + on-demand physical presence
  3. Volatile teams, formed and working by project
  4. Human and robots working together
  5. Continuous cycle of learning
  6. Multichannel multi devices of working
  7. Focus on analytics and data

The future is now. With new technologies like cognitive intelligence, automation, and analytics, Stefanini will transform your digital workplace and enhance the end-user experience. Use our W@H Suite to greet your remote workplace head-on. For more workplace and infrastructure solutions, visit this page or contact us today.

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