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Digital Solutions For The Retail Industry At NG Retail Summit In Florida

We will be showcasing our broad portfolio of digital solutions for the retail industry at the NG Retail Summit from April 4-6, at the Ritz Carlton Sarasota in Florida. The event brings together senior retail decision-makers and business leaders from across North America to discuss current industry challenges and how best to tackle them. With 18+ sessions, over 60 executives attending, and over 150 projects during the two days event.

In an innovative event’s structure, we will be presenting the next generation of retail solutions to help companies take advantage of a new retail landscape. “E-commerce will become seamless, living all around in a connected environment and in new points of contact such as cars, elevators, showcases, wearables and more,” said Shu Dasgupta, VP of Sales at Stefanini. “It is everywhere, intertwining with any channel and point of contact, offering a new form of customer relationships and shopping experiences,” affirmed Mr. Dasgupta.

Our solutions are able to take companies to the next level of disrupting processes and creating value for them while engaging their customers and saving money. Throughout the summit there will be roundtables focused on the future of retail and omnichannel power. While workshops will discuss AI in retail, digital tranformation with guaranteed fraud protection, and many others topics. We have the opportunity to listen to real problems, and help personalize our services to help find a solution.

Completely integrated into the customer journey, Stefanini’s approach for the retail industry is focused on:

  1. Driving continuously improving marketing, loyalty and brand performance through data focused digital marketing service/agency
  2. Digitizing all processes and channels to ensure compliance with the new status quo of the digital era
  3. Automating all possible processes to ensure cost reduction, agility and greater operational efficiency
  4. Streamlining processes to ensure better flow, speed and operational efficiency, while lowering costs and increasing competition
  5. Prioritizing mobility and UX for all points of interaction with users to ensure availability, ease of access and better user experience

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