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Top New Solutions, Services Available To Assist Companies In Their Response To COVID-19

Our new solutions, services assist with digital needs, reshaping industries and building a resilient business through digital transformation

We are excited to announce our comprehensive set of nine new solutions and services to assist companies in their response to COVID-19. As businesses adjust to the changing needs of their people and customers, our solutions assist with digital needs, reshaping industries, and building a resilient business.

“At Stefanini Group, we aim to be a resource to businesses during this trying time,” said Spencer Gracias, CEO of Stefanini North America/APAC. “Life as we know it has changed drastically, which has challenged business and increased the need for a virtual model. In order to move forward, companies need to re-tool their approach to be resilient in times of change, and we are thrilled to be announcing a new suite of solutions and services to assist businesses in the digital transformation journey that comes from this pandemic.”

New Behavior, Digital Needs

To get digital platforms on track, Virtual Squads can help provide customized business transformation plans by organizing skills, assets and providing cross-functional collaboration. The Win Digital Visibility solution is comprised of creating a digital media strategy and facilitating performance marketing and lead generation, as well as conversation rate optimization services. Encompassing social listening and loyalty programs, the Bring Back Loyalty solution helps companies understand what is resonating with their customers and assists with bringing loyalty to brands during a time in which brand loyalty has significantly decreased. Finally, the W@H Suite is a package of products bundled together to assist companies transitioning to a remote work environment.

Reshaping Industries

Digital technology will be at the forefront of reshaping industries, which comes to life as our Convert to Digital service. Positioning industries to be on the edge of digital transformation, we provide solutions to elevate retail e-commerce platforms, simplify digital banking, integrate AI into manufacturing and transform healthcare with an increased access to data. We also offer an Academia resource with training courses focused on digital transformation.

Building Resilient Business

Plug & Play Cyber Security and Hyper Automation solutions are key to building a resilient business, to ensure information is secure and tasks are being completed in the most efficient way possible. Our Cloud Now service offers cloud development and support complete with Office 365 software.

In addition to offering new solutions and services, we are hosting a series of webinars addressing topics related to transforming life and business as we know it, as well as providing guidance on how to face this new reality. COVID-19 e-books and articles are also being regularly published to keep businesses educated and informed.

We offer organizations of all shapes and sizes a broad portfolio of digital transformation services and solutions, including industrial automation, cognitive computing, workplace of the future development, customer experience, business consulting, digital marketing, and artificial intelligence.

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