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Top 4 Ways To Bring Back Loyalty

The market is increasingly competitive and getting customers’ loyalty is difficult. Use our tips and social listening to bring back customers.

The market is increasingly competitive, so you need to carry out a set of actions to obtain your customers’ loyalty. This way, your customers will buy more, more often and will be more likely to resist competing business. But how do you know what customers want and if you’re able to give it to them? Read on.

Bring Back Loyalty

Customers are important to your company. You need a team that is specialized in loyalty programs focused on engaging and delivering value to your customer. Through data-collected behavior analysis, you can provide the customer with personalized experiences that nurture their relationship with you.

Customer Engagement Pillars

Customers are engaged with you on three fronts:

1)      Relationship Marketing

Personalized communication and evaluation of consumer feedback. Relationship marketing develops a continuous logical message for the consumer that is aimed at long-term engagement.

2)      Transactional Marketing

Campaigns and promotions with a multi-channel approach based on 1-on-1 behavioral marketing. The goal is short term and aims to maximize the efficiency of a sale or the acquisition of customers.

3)      Brand Loyalty

Increase the base and keep existing customers through incentives and affinity plans, making customers repeat brand purchases over time through the creation of exit barriers.

Ways to Bring Back Loyalty

When looking to bring back customers, there are several aspects you need to consider:

1)      Revival 

According to Mr., roughly half of customers agree that companies should find thoughtful ways to reward loyal customers. Emotional connection, responsible personalization, and purpose-driven causes should be crucial considerations. To foster customer loyalty, an emotional connection is needed: for instance, according to the same survey, six out of ten consumers are loyal because they have a personal connection to a company that perhaps commits to the environment, a charitable cause and innovation. Younger consumers also respond to sustainability and purpose-driven causes.

2)      Keep it simple 

Start up loyalty programs that are easy to join and simple to use. Rules, conditions, lengthy registration processes, and technical difficulties when redeeming rewards are likely to turn customers off.

3)      Maintain relevance 

Keep your business offers relevant to customers’ needs so that customers don’t forget their membership with any rewards programs you might have.

4)      Promote awareness and familiarity with the brand 

Regular communication through a multitude of channels like advertising, social media, and email can keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds. But make sure you’re being innovative – the goal is to engage customers with an immersive platform experience rather that marketing gimmicks.

Look for Solutions

Analyze the behavior of data collected through purchases. We cultivate the relationship with the customer through personalized experiences. With our tools and management, it’s possible to handle a baseline of millions, segment audiences and personalize messages. We measure our loyalty and sales channel integration results by purchase frequency and by attracting new customers.

Competitive differentiation

It adds value to your company without having to fight for low prices.

Average ticket increase

Loyal customers spend more than others

More referrals 

The member-get-member program encourages and rewards those who refer the company.

Save money 

The more customers come back and make referrals, less money has to be spent on marketing.

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Social Listening

Obtaining information in real time is essential for those who want to be successful in business. Social Listening is a way of monitoring key terms in several channels that can bring benefits and insights for your brand. With the right tools, your company will always be attentive to the interactions that users have with your brand, how they refer to it and which negative and positive aspects they mention.

Relevant Information for Business

Through Social Listening tools, it is possible to collect data from different digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Portals, both in proprietary environments (brand profiles) as well as spontaneous mentions (keyword searches).

There are two action fronts for collecting information:

1.  Monitoring messages citing the brand and derivative products, within the proprietary channels and in spontaneous environments.

2.  According to covered topics, the classification of feelings associated with messages and tagging.

4 Reasons to Start Using Social Listening

1)      Customers like when brands respond

Social media empowers consumers because it makes them feel like they’ve been heard. According to Hub Spot, research done by Sprout Social found that 83 percent of respondents like when brands respond to questions and 68 percent are happy when brands join conversations. In today’s age, it pays to be responsive on social media; indeed, 48 percent of customers make a purchase with a brand who is responsive to its customers and prospects on social media. And it goes beyond listening – customers respond to brands who thoughtfully craft responses and provide real value. These types of responses will elicit brand loyalty and increase customer retention rates.

2)      You are able to keep track of your brand’s growth

Be it a scandal or serious issue, every now and again, brands can run into problems where one incident can cause a wave of negativity to affect your social media. If this is happening, it’s a great time to use social listening to analyze whether or not your brand’s negative incident actually led to a decrease in followers, sales or whatever metric you’re choosing to investigate. From there, your brand can decide if it’s just a phase with no lasting effects or something more serious that requires equally serious measures in response.

3)      You can discover new opportunities 

Use social listening to innovate on changes brought to your attention by your customers. When many customers start complaining about the same problem, it’s a sign that you should be paying attention.

4)      Increase customer acquisition

Social media allows you to broaden your reach when looking into prospects. Your followers aren’t just customers, but also people who enjoy your content. These types of people are the ones you should be targeting. Social listening allows you to learn what kinds of content your followers and those who mention you enjoy by viewing their shares, posts, photos and hashtags. Then, you’re able to create relevant content that matches their interests and ultimately draws them to your brand.

Work with Stefanini

We specialize in innovation with a specialized team that has extensive experience in delivering engagement campaigns, with operations focused on the development of marketing strategies, loyalty campaigns and business throughout the value chain. We are present throughout the whole process from the end customer to the corporate communication infrastructure.

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