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How AI Enhances Customer Experience

At the heart of any business is people. That’s why customer experience plays a critical role in determining whether businesses achieve their goals on their journey to digital transformation. Thanks to digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the relationship between customers and businesses has improved immensely. Not too long ago, marketers struggled to predict what we now call the “customer journey.” With AI, however, companies are experiencing an increase in sales, and greater customer retention and loyalty. According to a Martech Advisor article, here’s how AI is enriching the customer experience:

AI makes data management more efficient

Many organizations are intimidated by the thought of managing large quantities of data. Yes, this can be a daunting task. However, AI can do much of the heavy lifting for you by automating repetitive tasks that eat up all of your precious time. Furthermore, AI facilitates the management of your data from numerous sources, while combining them with the data you currently have. As a result, relevant customer insights and trends can be identified faster.

AI helps personalize experiences

Personalization takes customer experience to a whole new level. With the information you pull from your customer data, it becomes easier to create experiences targeted for each customer. Personalization is a critical component in the customer journey because it’s what truly engages them. According to the article, “AI can use ‘natural-data’ to delve deeper into individual customer behavior and purchase patterns, to perform predictive analysis and drive better engagement at the right place, and at the right time.”

AI provides overall productivity

One of the biggest reasons why some companies fail to deliver successful customer experience is because they’re too busy working on routines tasks. The automation of mundane tasks allows companies to focus more on customer experiences, increasing overall efficiency within the organization. In addition, businesses can use cognitive computing learn more about their customers. For example, “it enables analysis, aids faster decision making, and offers intelligent support and advice to deliver consistent, near real-time experiences.

How Stefanini can help

Creating positive customer experiences is our mission as we capitalize on data analytics and our operational expertise to improve IT interactions. We understand the importance of analyzing the end-user’s experience, perspective, and voice to build positive customer journeys.

Our programs focus on the interaction between end users and IT services, listening to the customer’s voice at all touch points. With people, processes, and technology working together, we are able to deliver cost savings, efficient processes, and improved levels of service for your business’ end users.

Learn more about our customer experience services here.  

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