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Gartner’s Top 10 Tech Trends: Immersive Experience

The sixth trend on Gartner’s top 10 tech trends for 2019 is one that has already impacted the digital world – immersive experience. The immersive experience is where the physical world and digital world come together. Since being introduced to conversational platforms, as well as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), we now interact with and perceive the digital world on a drastically different level.

Eventually, multichannel and multimodal experiences will dominate individual devices, according to David Cearley, vice president and Gartner Fellow. “The multimodal experience will connect people with the digital world across hundreds of edge devices that surround them, including traditional computing devices, wearables, automobiles, environmental sensors and consumer appliances,” said Mr. Cearley. “The multichannel experience will use all human senses as well as advanced computer senses (such as heat, humidity and radar) across these multimodal devices.”

At Stefanini, we have two prototypes of the immersive experience using AR inside our Innovation Center in our Southfield office. We have the full-size car inside of the room where you can interact with the vehicle, change its color and wheels, as well as view it through an X-ray. In addition, we just implemented a new prototype focused on field services. Learn more about our role in IoT/Industry 4.0 here or contact us.


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