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Gartner’s Top 10 Tech Trends: Empowered Edge

As we continue exploring Gartner’s top 10 tech trends for 2019, let’s look into the fifth trend on Gartner’s list – empowered edge.

“The edge refers to endpoint devices used by people or embedded in the world around us,” according to Gartner. In addition, edge computing aims to localize and decrease traffic, as well as reduce the amount of time it takes for data to travel to its destination by ensuring that information processing, content collection and delivery are in close proximity to the endpoints.

According to Gartner, we will see edge devices become more advanced in the next five years, with specialized AI chips for example. Furthermore, 5G technology will enhance edge computing with its lower latency, faster data transfer rate, and significantly higher number of nodes per square km. Moreover, the cloud computing model will develop “as complementary models with cloud services being managed as a centralized service executing, not only on centralized servers, but in distributed servers on-premises and on the edge devices themselves.”


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