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What Are The Most Frequent Cyberattacks In Europe?

In 2022’s National Cyber Security Index, the top five spots were occupied by European countries.[1] However, volatile geopolitical circumstances and new technology trends have left key sectors and industries increasingly vulnerable to a wider range of attacks than ever before.

Cyber resilience and security innovation is a necessity in the digital era. Cyberthreats put your business at risk because they compromise internal operations and affect your customers. Repairing the damage can be costly, reputationally, and financially.

Common Cyberattacks in Europe

ENISA, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity’s most recent report[2] identified the following cyberattacks as the most prominent and most frequent threats to European cybersecurity and resilience:

  1. Ransomware
    In 12 months, over 623 incidents of ransomware were detected with 60% of affected organisations paying ransom demands.[3]
  2. Malware
    Malware distribution increased in 2022 thanks to weaknesses detected in IoT devices, open-source frameworks, and VBA macros.
  3. Social Engineering
    Phishing is the most common technique with 86% of organizations experiencing a phishing event however, new forms of social engineering attacks are on the rise.[4]
  4. Data Kidnapping
    Threats against data are increasing in proportion to the amount of sensitive data generated and stored by organisations.
  5. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks
    In July 2022, Europe saw the largest DDoS attack ever conducted, with one business attacked for over 14 hours.[5]Over the past 10 years DDoS attacks have increased by over 1,000%.[6]

What steps can you take to secure your business from cyberattacks?

Building cyber resilience is key to avoiding a cyberattack. At Stefanini, we can help you develop a cyber security strategy that secures your people, processes, and technology. In addition, our Managed Security Services offers scalable, round the clock threat detection and response to keep your organisation safe.

Learn more about how Stefanini can help you manage new cyber risks to your organisation.

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