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Self-Healing SAP Business Transaction For Enterprise Growth

An article by Biswa Guha, originally featured on Digitate here.

SAP ERP is the backbone software for many enterprises’ ERP business activities and operations. It should therefore come as no surprise that SAP is the undisputed leader in the ERP market space with $16 trillion in purchases accounting to nearly 77% of the global transaction revenue.

As a widely used product, multiple versions of SAP have seen the light of the day. Many enterprises use various versions of the product, which includes a myriad of business scenarios, innumerable business transactions, leading to several issues. There are support teams to handle these issues, however they cannot spend their time only firefighting these issues. Hence, there is a need for a solution – an autonomously engaging product which can find and resolve the issues before it hampers business. Enter, ignio!

Stefanini is partnering with Digitate to enable Intelligent Enterprises with ignio AI.ERPOps

ignio AI.ERPOps is an SAP Certified AI-based insight driven product that enables autonomous ERP operations for SAP ECC, S/4HANA, BW, Ariba, Success Factor, CRM, APO, GTS, PI/PO and many more. ignio hails the capability which enterprises yearn for. It has the ability to take corrective actions on core business transactions autonomously. ignio can make intelligent decisions by taking actions without human intervention. It can reduce human dependency, eliminate manual error and free up people from routine monotonous tasks and help to focus on strategic or core business areas.

‘Business transaction’ is an umbrella term. These can include innumerable business scenarios. ignio is intelligent and capable of handling a multitude of business scenarios to self-heal the issues, some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • It helps organizations achieve digital transformation by self-healing business transactions that occur in various core business processes such as order to cash, finance, procurement, material management, logistics, billing, HR, and supply chain.
  • Organizations can have NextGen AMS. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation enabled self-healing solution for SAP Application Management Services (AMS). Thus, reducing operational support cost up to 40-50%.
  • It improves cash flow, profitability, user experience, customer satisfaction, goodwill, and reduced time to market.
  • It helps avoid compliance and resulting penalties during financial period end.
  • Self-heal can be applied during SAP ECC to S/4 HANA migration. This reduces migration cost, budget, timelines, and dependencies by 40%. It mitigates the risk of enterprise core business transactions.

These applications are not hypothetical and are based on our experience and implementations at various customers. Following are a few examples of the value and benefits that our customers derived through ignio AI.ERPOps’ Business Transaction self-heal feature:

  • Self-healed $90 million purchase order failures, monthly for a large retailer.
  • Ensured error free $10 billion worth order to cash transactions for a large pharmaceutical company.
  • Eliminated 8-10 hours business downtime in supply chain operations. Thus, saving $1 million loss for a global pharmaceutical company.
  • Automated procure to pay, finance control, quote to cash, real time consolidation, supply chain and human resources service requests to achieve faster time to market for a global manufacturer.
  • Eliminated delay in $1.8 million order and billing transaction for a large life science company.
  • Self-healed and automated over 2000 operational tasks, resulting in $400K savings for a global pharmaceutical consumer goods company.
  • Ensured seamless transaction of vendor orders, advance shipping notification to stores and payment advice to bank for a large retailer.

Enterprises sometimes hesitate when adapting to autonomous technologies that can make its own decisions. Security is a major concern as there is a lot of money involved. ignio AI.ERPOps provides ‘zero’ reasons to hesitate. It is designed to follow the proper workflow by adhering to enterprise hierarchy. ignio will not take any action without proper approval in place. Moreover, it will seek approval where needed from the business through email, app or Chabot. ignio will also notify the stakeholders about the action taken. ignio software successfully completed the GxP compliance evaluation process and use cases have gone through IQ, OQ, PQ validation cycle.

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