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Planning For 2023 Requires An Agile Approach And A Strategic Perspective

Research indicates that the challenge of planning assertively is greater every year due to the instability that has marked the 21st century thus far.

To remain agile in a business climate that is always changing and rapidly advancing, businesses must create agile strategies that can be adjusted to what might come and disrupt your industry, tech stack, workforce, etc.

The challenges of planning for 2023 are many, especially in the face of the ‘Brittle’, ‘Anxious’, ‘Non-linear’ and ‘Incomprehensible’ world we live in, known as the BANI world. On the other hand, it is a world that provides a multitude of opportunities which generate wealth, prosperity and work for those who see purpose in it.

In response to the constantly changing and developing business landscape, new enterprises and products emerge continuously. It is very tempting (both managers and entrepreneurs) to turn away from forward planning in the face of such turmoil and instability and instead focus on maintaining business as usual and maintaining an internal business stability. This is an important point, culturally, the entrepreneur is at the forefront of a company or business, in a position of command and is often seen as unshakable.

There is sense of a cognitive overwhelming as there is lot of information available instantly, and yet it still feels like a world without straight answers.

However, the entrepreneurial mindset always finds a way. It is this attitude that drives incredible entrepreneurs to find the answers and solve problems, to create solutions for a better future, to lay solid foundations for people within companies to endure and overcome the unpredictable.

 A true entrepreneurial spirit and an agile approach to 2023 will allow business leaders to thrive whatever may come in the year ahead.

  • Examine the narratives your leadership teams employed to see how assertive they were and how much tension and internal noise they caused.
  • Consider the losses or failures for the year with humility, list all the lessons you learned from them, and identify your responsibilities.
  • The role of being an entrepreneur by default drives us to repress numerous emotions, so welcome and allow yourself to feel anything you need to feel.
  • Keep track of how much you laughed, joked around, and smiled versus how much time you spent staring at a computer, attending meetings nonstop, working out difficulties, and feeling the pressure to produce results.
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