Our AI Platform, Sophie, Provides Multiple Levels of Student Support for DeVry - Stefanini

Our AI Platform, Sophie, Provides Multiple Levels Of Student Support For DeVry

Company Description:

DeVry University has nine brands serving higher education students around the world.  Its largest brand serves 100,000 students looking to advance their careers and achieve their goals.


With a high volume of students with different backgrounds, goals, and tech knowledge, the client struggled to keep up with questions. From billing questions to course requirements, this educational leader needed to create a better student experience to deliver the answers quickly.


Stefanini’s AI platform, Sophie, was the perfect tool to provide multiple levels of student support. We integrated her with DeVry’s ServiceNow portal to handle incidents and requests. She was also integrated with the academic system, Banner, to automate those processes. Sophie now provides automated support for troubleshooting, FAQs, and how-tos.


The project went live in early 2019 with strong initial feedback. Over the next three years, we expect a 38% reduction in service call volumes. We are also working on expanding Sophie to support other areas of the schools, including faculty and staff member services.

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