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Sophie And 4ME – The Future Of Enterprise Service Management

We have evolved and developed our Digital Workplace Services (DWS) portfolio over the past decade to specialize in Enterprise Service Management with a clear focus on employee-centricity.

The result of this has been the launch of our Natural Employee Experience Technology (N.E.X.T.) offering, which is our end-to-end managed service that ensures our clients can provide their employees with the support they need to work as efficiently and productively as possible.

It’s clear that the most effective way to innovate processes, services and products within the DWS space is through sophisticated technology solutions, which is why we are always looking for solid partners in this area.

4ME proved to be a perfect match with our vision for the future of DWS, enabling us to develop a shared approach that ensured we could seamlessly offer an exceptional product to our clients.

Our shared focus on Service Management, combined with an agile way of bringing on board new business areas and adapting to processes and needs, meant that we could quickly deliver value to our customers.

During our service improvement meetings with 4ME. we decided to move forward with the idea of adding Stefanini’s proprietary AI solution, Sophie, to the marketplace as one of the first options for all 4ME customers.

This was not an easy task, as we had to deliver a fluid and seamless integration with the tool. With both 4ME and Sophie being complex and mature products, getting to this point was not entirely straightforward, but the strength of the end result made this effort worthwhile. Thanks to amazing development teams communicating effectively, we managed to overcome the typical obstacles faced during integrations of this kind and are now live on the 4ME marketplace, with Sophie available for all 4ME customers.

Sophie – the power of AI

Using modern development, AI technology and millions of connections in its powerful mind, Sophie is a Stefanini solution created to understand and communicate with humans. This allows Sophie to help people with problems and questions in their daily lives in a fast and extremely agile way.

Sophie can also be trained to offer even more complete services, ranging from initial user guidance to the creation of categorized tickets that also help agents and specialists. Furthermore, through its already native integration with the 4Me platform, Sophie is able to provide information about the progress of tickets and automatically search for relevant articles in the knowledge base.

By transferring certain tasks to Sophie, teams will be able to dedicate more time to projects that require strategic decision-making, with the virtual assistant also providing automated services that support operations and enhance productivity.

Sophie is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Over the last five years, Sophie has achieved cost reductions ranging from 5% to 60% by enabling businesses to shift tasks away from their employees. Sophie is also available in more than six other platforms, can be configured to respond in more than 40 languages and can be integrated with many other solutions to fit perfectly into different environments and deliver value.

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