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It’s time to get connected to your business. Stefanini d³ is an innovative solution designed to power business productivity by delivering an excellent end-user experience. Stefanini d³ collects and analyzes performance metrics from endpoint systems, allowing our world-class support teams to quickly react to workplace needs and provide unprecedented customer support. Capable of monitoring systems in real time, Stefanini d³ gives our experts extraordinary speed and insight into your business, resulting in faster issue resolution and proactive service approaches. 

Stefanini d³ will digitally transform your business with unparalleled insight and actionability into user experience management, persona segmentation, proactive and reactive identification and resolution of issues integration with ITSM tools and AI platforms.

Learn How d³ Can Digitally Transform Your Business to Reach New Heights

Resource Optimization
Stefanini d³ allows our innovative teams to use personas to effectively segment the workforce in order to understand and support user needs and workstyles.
Faster Reactions, Proactive Solutions
d³ quickly identifies issues on any monitored device or system-wide application and allows our world-class technicians a historical view of the device.
Customizable to your specific business needs, our artificial intelligence platform is a revolutionary new solution to managed services.

Integration for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation begins with integration. With the Stefanini d³ tool, we can integrate ITSM tools such as CA ServiceNow and BMC.

These integrations automatically enable IT support technicians the ability to pull user experience scores and device history into the incident ticket, equipping them with vital troubleshooting information from the beginning of the call, allowing for faster and more optimal resolutions.

Similarly, by integrating Stefanini d³ with Sophie, the world’s premier corporate AI agent, your business will gain the ability to perform proactive system management to prevent issues before they occur, bringing a new level of performance to your enterprise.

Let’s work together to digitally transform your business with the Stefanini d³ solution, to build incredible solutions for unparalleled results.


Stefanini d³

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