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Simplifying technology experiences with lifetime value.

Passion For Innovation

With business needs constantly changing, we focus on co-creating solutions that address these new demands and create meaningful value for our clients.  Innovation is one of our core values, while our major strength is working with clients to ensure new technology is aligned with their specific business objectives and that innovative ideas translate into real-world business solutions.

Stefanini’s Innovation Centers foster collaboration and creativity using a user-centric, immersive approach based on design-thinking, design-sprint, and lean-startup methodology.

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New experiences in an environment created to foster innovation with clients, employees, the community and partners.

Where Technology Experiences Are Made For Lifetime Value.

Innovation never stops, which is why we’ve redeployed our Innovation Center in Southfield, MI. We have several new initiatives related to Smart Factory, IoT, cognitive, predictive analytics, augmented and virtual reality, and more.

These initiatives are designed to help tackle the current challenges faced by manufacturing plants. For example, a plant manager can interact with Sophie, our AI chatbot, to check the status of the plant, in a simpler and faster way.

Furthermore, we have locations in Brazil, Romania and Singapore.

Innovation Capabilities

Industry 4.0

The Smart Factory is changing how businesses operate worldwide. In response to Industry 4.0, Stefanini transforms enterprises through digital expertise and big-picture vision.

Cognitive Experience

Showcasing the flexibility of our cognitive assistant Sophie. Sophie has multiple uses in every industry.  Sophie can interacting with employees, suppliers and customers to deliver exceptional experiences.

Automated Warehouse

In the automated warehouse, autonomous drone solutions automate warehouse inventory management processes. Capable of monitoring inventory and measuring volumes of raw material volume, the autonomous drone improves safety and efficiency.

Augmented Reality

The new, dynamic business environment requires new operational models that can meet increased expectation and operate reliably. We use technology to identify data center issues, offering a hands-free process and personalized experience.

Virtual Reality

Our virtual reality platform offers a real-time view of production to train problem-solving in manufacturing, packaging and product problems without stopping regular operation. This safe, cost-effective solution offers tangible results.

Connected Building Experience

Meet the Connected Building. Using IoT platform, AI and more, the Connected Building provides data allows businesses to be efficient and streamlined.

Solutions For Business Growth

Innovation Approach

Comprised of a network of best-in-class industry leaders, accredited research universities, and innovation-focused companies across multiple continents.

IoT - Smart Factory

With decades of technological and domain experience, we will transform your enterprise with unparalleled integration, digital expertise, and big-picture vision.

Sophie - AI Solution

Based on cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, Sophie can assist with tasks such as triggering workflow, auto escalation, and much more.

Customer Experience

Our cohesive approach looks to holistically examine your business and users to find the right solutions.

Application Services

As an agile partner with nearshore, offshore and onshore delivery capabilities, we can provide you with flexible, cost-efficient application services.


Our solutions are enhanced by technology enablers that drive the ability to predict, prevent and initiate automated solutions.


With our digital strategy, we provide sweeping coverage and support for all of your digital challenges, ensuring you stay ahead of the game, all the time.


Our services include ITSM and IT strategy, cloud-based consulting, business process support, as well as transitional and transformational strategy.


We identify the most important facets of your business and mold our innovative solutions to fit your specific requirements.

New Year, New Opportunities To Enhance Customer Experience

We tackle these topics and more in the inaugural episode of the StefTalks Podcast!

Let's Co-Create The Right Digital Solution For Your Business

We envision future possibilities with new transformative business philosophies to generate new revenue streams, markets, products, and business models. Let’s work together to digitally transform your business and build the solutions of tomorrow.

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