We Partner with INSEAD to Promote the Second Edition of the Digital Transformation Course for Sr. Leaders - Stefanini

We Partner With INSEAD To Promote The Second Edition Of The Digital Transformation Course For Sr. Leaders

After the success achieved last year with a NPS of 100 percent (no score was less than nine),we joined forces again with INSEAD, one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools, to offer the second edition of the digital transformation course. With a goal to engage senior-level executives in tackling the main challenges of digital transformation, the truly global educational experience will take place from April 15-18 on the campus in Fontainebleu, located 75 km from Paris. During the four-day course, C-Level executives will be able to discuss the culture of innovation and how they can address learning in their organization every day.  

Developing Competencies and Strengthening Leadership in Digital Transformation

In the first edition, our initiative with INSEAD brought together 30 leaders from companies like ALECombustiveis, Sicredi, Tigre, Allianz, Vivo, Nexa, among others.

“The mission of the leader at this time is to get people to understand that digital transformation is much more than simply swapping small pieces of software or small features of our system,” said Joao Tavares, executive director at Sicredi, the first financial cooperatives initiative in Brazil, who attended the course last year. “It’s much more than this. It’s important to emphasize the importance of experimenting, taking risks, and transforming companies through the transformation of people’s mentality.”

“Being here allows us to understand the environment that we need to develop the reality of digital transformation and identify the right partners who can enable us to make digital transformation possible in our companies,” said Ricardo Porto, vice president at Nexa, a global mining company and one of the invested companies of Votorantim portfolio.

Together, Stefanini and INSEAD are able to offer a truly global educational experience that enables executives to develop competencies required to strengthen leadership and digital transformation.

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Customized Solutions for Different Businesses

To ensure that companies’ toolsets encompass the solutions their unique business environments need, we focus on deep and multi-level customization.

“To face the new digital challenges, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all. Our customization process is based on in-depth collaboration, and it takes place on multiple levels such as content, teaching methods, organizational role and culture,” said Galle. As a result, we enable the organization’s culture to adapt to new changes, identifying new ways to drive business results, customer satisfaction and effective operations.

The Stefanini and INSEAD program will be delivered through deep immersion at the INSEAD campus in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, with the opportunity to expand to the whole executive

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